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Questions about how to live a Godly life.

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Adultery, Divorce, and Remarriage

Can you commit adultery and marry the one with whom you commit it?

After baptism, how does one continue to live in the spirit if the lust of the flesh is so great?

We cannot serve God and the flesh but only in spirit and truth; what does this mean?

After death, do you still have to eat?

Does our glorified new body have physical functions?

After we are "saved", does God tell us if something is keeping us from Him?

Would He remove the stumbling block for us?

Are Christians supposed to differentiate between clean and unclean foods?

Were dietary restrictions done away by the Lord Jesus Christ?

Are Christians supposed to follow all the Jewish holidays?

By "holidays" we take it you mean "holy days".

Are the Jews and Israelites better than other people?.

Is there some genetic predisposition to goodness among the Jewish race?

Are there different levels of faith?

How can faith be quantified?

Are there different severities of sin?

What are the 7 deadly sins and the sin which God will not forgive?

Are we all God's children in a spiritual battle?

How do we become children of God?

Are we punished for sins we commit after baptism?

Are we automatically forgiven for all our sins following our baptism?

Are we saved before baptism or after?

Is our salvation guaranteed at that point?

Are women permitted to wear pants?

Are pants exclusively men's clothing?

As a Christian, how can God forgive me when I fail Him?

What if I have committed very serious sins?

As a committed Christian, will God forgive me if i sin?

Are expected to lead perfect lives?

Because of my besetting sin, I have become a stumbling block to non-Christians. What can I do?

Should I stop following Jesus?

Before Jesus, were people being baptized?

Is baptism a rite relevant only to Christians?

Birth Control And The Bible

According to the bible, is the use of birth control (contraceptives) wrong?


Blessings: What are they and how do they come about?

Can a believer’s name be blotted out of the book of life?

Once we are saved, aren't we always saved?

Can a Christian play the lotteries?

Is it a sin to buy lottery tickets?

Can a cremated body be resurrected?

Does burning the body affect one's resurrection when Jesus returns?

Can a saved person be a sinner?

Once we are "saved" can we still sin?

Can a sinner be saved without baptism?

What if he or she whispers a prayer to God just before death?

Can a smoker be saved?

Can smokers enter into the kingdom?

Can full immersion by baptism, sincerely done, be invalid?

What constitutes a valid baptism?

Can God change a person's heart?

Does our "free will" prevent Him from doing that?

Can I be baptized more than once?

Are multiple baptisms legitimate?

Can I be guaranteed to enter the Kingdom?

If we are "saved" is there no chance of losing that salvation?

Can man change the mind of God?

How can we influence God?

Can one lose the glory of God?

What is the "glory of God" anyway?

Can someone inherit God kingdom without been baptised?

Is baptism really all that important?

Can we be perfect in this life?

Does Matthew 5:48 mean that we can live on earth and be perfect now?

Can we break a vow made to God?

What would be the consequences?

Can we have direct contact with God today?

Do you believe that a person can have a personal relationship, like David did, with God today?

Can you clarify freedom?

What is freedom in Christ?

Can you explain 1 Corinthians 11:14-15?

What does the following verse (verse 16) mean then?

Can you explain 1 Corinthians 6:18?

How is fornication a sin against one's own body?

Can you explain Hosea 2:4,5?

Do children suffer for the sins of the parents?

Can you explain John 3:30?

What relevance does John the Baptist's statement have for us?

Can you explain Matthew 5:43-48?

Must we hate our enemies? Must we be perfect like God is perfect?

Can you explain Romans 12:1-2?

How can we present our bodies for sacrifice?

Can you grow in faith?

Don't you either just believe or not? How can faith increase?

Can you lose your salvation?

Once saved are we always saved?

Can you please explain Ephesians 5:16?

What does it mean to "redeem the time"?

Changing Beliefs for Love

Should I change my religious convictions to be with someone of another faith?

Children and Resurrection

What happens to our children who die at young age before Christ's return? 

Comfort for the jobless.

Can the Bible help me in my unemployment?

Could Adam have asked forgiveness for eating from the forbidden tree?

Is Adam doomed to eternal death?

Could you tell me about the widow's mite?

The widow's mite - a lesson in acceptable giving.

Did Jesus die on a cross or on a stake?

Should we wear a cross in a gold chain around our neck? Should we have a cross in front of a church?

Did Jesus have a sense of humour?

Did Jesus life and experience lend itself to humour?

Divorce and remarriage

Can A Divorced Christian Remarry?

Do all people continue to sin?

Is it possible to lead a sinless life?

Do animals have immortal souls?

Do all good dogs go to heaven?

Do babies have angels?

Guardian angels for babies?

Do Christians still need to pay tithes?

Tithes were given under the Law of Moses but didn't Jesus remove the law?

Do dogs go to heaven when they die

Pets and the afterlife.

Do Dogs have souls?

What happens when a beloved pet dog dies?

Do infants and children go to heaven?

Are babies born sinful? Does anyone go to heaven?

Do problems always come with faith?

Can Christians live a stress-free life?

Do we need music in our worship?

Do we need to dance and use many instruments in our worship of God?

Do we still have an evil nature after being born-again?

Do we still have an evil nature after being born-again? In light of 2nd Cor. 5:17?

Does a wife's submission diminish her?

Role of women in the church.

Does Alchemy fit in with the Bible?

Alchemy and the Bible.

Does charity begin at home and not abroad?

Should charity be limited to "our own"?

Does Christ forgive someone if they have an abortion?

Is abortion an unforgiveable sin?

Does everyone have a angel?

Do we all have guardian angels?

Does God cause diseases in some people?

Is all disease a punishment from God?

Does God cause evil things to happen to people?

God's role in adversity.

Does God ever laugh at us?

Surely He finds some of our antics amusing?

Does God forgive suicide?

Is suicide sinful?

Does God hate sinners?

Doesn't He hate the sin but love the sinner?

Does God heal everyone?

Are miraculous healings real?

Does God hear the prayers of sinners?

How can you be forgiven?

Does God help us out of financial difficulties?

Seeking God's help in difficult times.

Does God love everyone or not?

Are there limits to God's love?

Does God really exist?

If so has He abandoned the world? If he truly loves us, why is life so difficult? Why do innocent children suffer?

Does God want us to be rich?

The Gospel and money!

Does life happen just by chance?

Is there a battle between evil forces and good forces and if so are we in the middle? 

Does man devise more evil because the Lord has delayed his coming?

Has Jesus' coming really been delayed?

Does salvation include physical healing?

Do healings by the Holy Spirit happen today?

Does the Bible confirm that at the resurrection we have no memory of our previous lives?

What will immortality be like? Will we lose our identity?

Does the bible have anything against body piercings?

Do piercings etc. defile the body, the temple of the holy spirit?

Does the Bible require us to dedicate babies today?

Wasn't Jesus dedicated as recorded in Luke 2:21-24?

Does the Bible sanction Common Law relationships?

Can a couple be married in God's eyes without being officially married if they have lived together faithfully for many years?

Does the Bible sanction self-defence?

May we use force to defend ourselves, our homes, our family, or our country?

Does the bible speak against gambling?

What if I want to do good with my winnings?

Eternal life, who needs it?

Can I be a Chrisitian without needing eternal life? 

Everything is possible for him who believes?

What did Jesus mean by "everything is possible"?

Explain 1 Corinthians 2:11

What is spiritual warfare?

Explain 1Timothy 5:22-23

Laying on of hands and drinking wine.

Explain dissipation in Ephesians 5:18

A warning against drunkenness and debauchery!

Explain eye servant

Serving God out of love and diligence or just formality?

Explain Proverbs 24:27.

What does "in the gate" mean?

Explain Psalm 51:10

How can one have a clean heart and a right spirit?

Families in heaven?

Do we know our families in heaven?

Finding yourself - how?

Who are we in God's estimation?

From whom does the Bible say the Black race descended?

Did they come from one of the sons of Noah?

Gossip vs venting - what is the difference?

Does gossip cease to be gossip because we feel justified in spreading it?

How about sex in the bible - is there sex in heaven?

Is sexuality eternal?

How are women vessels of honour?

Living together in grace as husband and wife.

How can a child understand the word of God?

Sunday School resources.

How can a Christian deal with this age of materialism?

Is it possible to be a true Christian these days?

How can I achieve a personal relationship with God?

How can we know God?

How can I be a better Christian and better leader in the church?

Can you recommend a good book?

How can I be born again?

What is the process of spiritual re-birth in Christ?

How can I become a better person?

What does the Bible say I have to do to be a better servant of the Lord?

How can I control my anger?

When I am frustrated, I can become petty, argumentative, and stubborn.

How can I find out what God wants of me?

What must I do to be saved?

How can I find scriptures that apply to my life?

The Bible and guidance and solace for life.

How can I forgive someone who has treated me badly?

It is very difficult to forgive the person who has wronged you at times!

How can I know God's purpose for my life?

Does He have a particular purpose for me?

How can I know that Jesus is real and not fiction?

Did he really live? Can my sins be forgiven through him?

How can I know that my sins are forgiven?

Should I get a special feeling or what?

How can i know what Gods plan for my life is?

What is God's plan for our lives?

How can I lose my fear of death?

I believe in God and that Jesus his His son. I am so afraid of dying.


How can I pray?

Is there a set time or place or form of words?

How can I preach?

Who should preach and how and when?

How can I put Jesus first in my life?

What steps must I take?

How can I seek the face of God?

How can I have my spiritual eyes and ears opened?

How can one cope with poverty?

What is worse than poverty?

How can one deal with false accusations and slander?

Will God provide a through such a trial?

How can one maintain a holy life?

Living in holiness is so difficult in today's world so full of fleshly distractions.

How can one pray for healing?

Is healing from a physical illness ever guaranteed?

How can the Bible help us?

How can the bible help us out this dirty world full of crime and hunger?

How can the principle in John 3:30 affect knowing God?

As Christ grows within us, the flesh diminishes.



How can we be less focused on the things of this world?

How can we keep focused on God?

How can we be on top only (the head and not the tail)?

Should we expect success, wealth and power in this life?

How can we become like Jesus?

Is it really possible for us to be like him?

How can we create a bond in unity with our Heavenly Father?

How can we truly become children of God?

How can we honor the Lord with our time?

How can we live faithfully amidst so many distractions?

How can we prepare ourselves for fasting?

Is fasting even worth the effort?

How can we put Jesus as the centre of our life?

How does a believer follow in the footsteps of Jesus?

How can we put Jesus first in our lives?

Is there some secret to doing this?

How can we put on the "new man" in Christ?

What is the "new man"? Is it a new form of being? Does it happen now or after death?

How can we worship God in spirit and in truth?

The conjunction of right doctrine and right behaviour.

How can witness to the love of God?

What can I do to show God's love to a world in darkness?

How can you avoid being offended?

Is it even possible or profitable to totally avoid offense?

How can you get a personal relationship with God?

How do you get to know the Father?

How can you say that children will not be raised to life?

What will happen to children at the resurrection?

How did we get different ethnic groups?

Do all the races really come from Adam and Eve?

How do I deal with being hated for refusing to side with wrong?

Must I suffer persecution for doing right?

How do I know if I have a forgiven heart?

Faith and forgiveness.

How do I know if I'm paying tithes correctly?

Must Christians tithe?

How do I know when am ready togive my life to Christ?

Baptism and commitment to Christ through the gospel.

How do I regain the ability to love others as Christ wants us to love them?
Is Christ-like love dependent on emotion or is it more of a decision?
How do I teach others about this "untoward generation"?

What does "untoward" actually mean?

How do I use the "whole armor of God"?

Of what does the "whole armor of God" consist?

How do we help those in need?

What is the best way of assisting others?

How do we know that the Bible isn't just a book of myth and untrue legends?

What evidence is there that the Bible is true?

How do we know when to eat unleavened bread and to keep the days of Passover?

Does it even matter if we are not Jewish?

How do we thirst for God?

How can we differentiate the voice of God from the voice of the flesh?

How do you apply understanding gained from the Bible?

How to make prayer and meditation systematic and powerful.

How do you explain God to others?

Is it even possible to "explain" who God is?

How do you know that God loves sinners but not the righteous?

Does God love sinners? Does He hate the righteous or, rather, the self-righteous?

How do you learn what your purpose is?

Can the Bible help?

How do you or I forgive?

Is forgiveness limited?

How do you read the scriptures on finances?

Godliness with contentment and the love of money.

How do you teach Acts 2:42?

Living together in Christ!

How do you teach people to stay saved?

Living a consistent life in Christ.

How do you write a petition to God?

Is it even possible to write a petition to God?

How does God choose leaders for His people?

What are the qualifications for leadership in the church?

How does God communicate with his children?

Is it only through the Bible that we hear the word of God?

How does guilt affect our relationship with God?

The penalty of sin and the grace of God.

How does one prepare for fasting?

Is fasting a valid practice for followers of Christ?

How does sin affect our relationship with God?

Sin and death; grace and eternal life.

How does the Bible help those looking for comfort?

How do we gain comfort, assurance, hope, and help from the Bible?

How is it that God's people are allowed to suffer?

Can't God protect His own people?

How is prayer communicating with God?

Doesn't it see rather one-way?

How is the life of a worshiper expressed?

How do we show our faith in our lives?

How is time management important to Christians?

How organized do we need to be in the way we spend our time?

How many Laws of God are there?

Which ones still apply to us today?

How may I cope with pain?

Why must suffering be a part of our lives?

How may I gain strength in my weakness?

How to overcome the flesh.

How may we embrace prosperity as an opportunity to glorify God?

Is true prosperity a purely material condition?

How often should we partake of "the Lord's supper"?

Should we partake only once per year on Passover?

How should a Christian show his love for God at work?

How may one witness to Christ in the workplace?

How should we respond to the needs in the world?

Showing Christian love to the needy.

How should you deal with people who are rude,and hateful in one's family?

Family strife and turmoil.

How to grow spiritually?

Daily reading, prayer, and action.

How to save yourself from this untoward generation?

Avoiding the pitfalls of the flesh in this generation.

How was Joshua successful?

Prayer and meditation yields success!

How will I know when the promises of God are changing my life?

Will there be an event that let's me know?

I am divorced. Can I remarry?

Is it ok to marry again and if remarried is it ok to be a pastor?

I am recently divorced. I pray daily for reconciliation. What else can I do?

What can I do to overcome my despair?

I believe in God - why is my business failing?

Why doesn't God help me with debt and failure?

I feel like I'm losing my faith.

Shall I give up? I am at a crosswords. Where do I turn?

I have committed sexual sins after becoming a Christian.

How can I overcome my lust?

I have had visions of previous lives since I was born. Are they real?

Is re-incarnation true?

I have never been married. Would it be sinful for me to marry a divorced man?

Is remarriage after divorce ever sanctioned by God?

I know God can forgive you when you repent but how do you forgive yourself ?

I’m having a hard time forgiving myself for all the bad things that I did. How can I get over that?

I read your article on conscience. What about the Holy Spirit's role?

Isn't spiritual growth dependent on the Holy Spirit only and not our own efforts?

I suffer from Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. Should I take medication to control it?

What does the Bible say about using modern medicine? Shouldn't God be our only healer?

I want a lesson to help me connect to non-Christians.

What is difference between Christian and non-Christian?

I want a miracle in my health but I am in sin.

I cannot get out of my sin. What should I do?

I was born again and after 3 months lost my job, why?

Are Christians free from trial and difficulty?

I would like to know more about the term repentance.

What does repentance actually mean in the New Testament?

I would like to learn more about tithing.

Is tithing binding on Christians today?

If a man kill another man can he be saved?

What are the limits of forgiveness?

If a person swears will they inherit the kingdom of god?

Is cursing and swearing a grievous sin?

If a woman has an abortion can she be forgiven?

Is abortion an unforgiveable sin?

If God is love, will he ever send anyone to hell?

Does His love encompass unrepentant evildoers?

If I am unemployed should I tithe?

Is tithing binding on Christians?

If I confess my sin to God must I also confess it to a pastor?

Does the clergy mediate forgiveness of sins for members of their congregations?

If I have lose my way in life, how can I find it again?

Faith, repentance, and restoration.

If I join your church and my wife does not, am I condemned?

Would the unbelief of a spouse keep one out of a Christadelphian congregation?

If two persons marry and one gets converted to Christ, should there be divorce?

Should a convert divorce an unbelieving spouse and marry a Christian?

If you are a minister and people use profanity should you correct them?

Should we "correct" non-Christians when we see them sin?

If you are a non christian and comitt suicide will you be forgiven?

Is suicide ever forgiveable?

If you do good to others and get nothing back, is that casting your pearls before swine?

Should we only continue to do good to those who give us positive feedback?

If you have been baptized do you need to do it again every time you sin?

Is re-baptism necessary for forgiveness of sins?

If you repented of a sin and a few weeks later commit the same sin, what then?

Is that counted as real repentance?

If your husband is dead is it right to stay single?

Is not remarrying after a spouse's death acceptable to God?

Ignorance, Other Religions, and Salvation

What is the true basis of salvation? (please see the entire answer for a dialogue with Robert, the questioner.)

In Bible days what was the longest period of time for a betrothal?

How quickly should a bridegroom take his bride in marriage after a betrothal?

In light of recent violence how do I manage my feelings for the need to retaliate against such evil?

How can we cope with the feelings of retaliation while trying to follow the Christian doctrine of turning the other cheek? 

In the Bible is there a verse stating white people won't be allowed in heaven?

Does anybody go to heaven?

In what does a man's life consist?

If it doesn't consist in the abundance of things that he possesses, then what?

Interracial dating, marriage and the Bible.

What does the Bible say about mixing of races?

Is a believer justified in being afraid?

Is fear a legitimate emotion for a believer?

Is a church wedding commanded in the Bible?

Can one say that he or she is married after fulfilling every other marriage right but church wedding? 

Is abortion wrong?

Can abortion ever be justified?

Is cremation a sin?

Does it matter how our bodies are disposed of after death?

Is cremation considered a sin in the eyes of God?

Is the Bible against "eternal combustion"?

Is drinking a sin?

May Christians partake of alcoholic beverages?

Is eating pork sin?

What did Jesus say about this question?

Is failing to address an unhealthy lifestyle a sin?

Are obese people living in sin?

Is God black?

Are racial characteristics and differences important to God?

Is God concerned and involved?

Is God a caring God who is actively involved in our world?

Is having a baby out of wedlock a sin?

My boyfriend and I have been living together for several years.

Is it a sin for men to have long hair?

What does it matter how long one's hair is?

Is it a sin for women to preach?

Can women be priests or ministers

Is it a sin to drink alcohol?

What if you do so in moderation?

Is it a sin to not go to church and still believe in God?

What is the importance of fellowship?

Is it Gods Will that I be healed?

Does God heal "on demand"?

Is it good to be wth a unbeliever?

How should we be examples to unbelievers?

Is it necessary to wash one's legs in the Passover service?

Are Christians required to keep the Passover?

Is it ok to celebrate Christmas?

The significance of Christmas

Is it ok to study self-defence?

Is it ok to use violence in self-defence?

Is it okay to have sex before marriage?

When is sexual intercourse appropriate?

Is it okay to live with your boyfriend if you are not sleeping with him?

Since we are not married, is this still fornication?

Is it okay to watch porn movies?

Surely it's not the same as actually indulging in fornication!

Is it sin for women to wear pants? What does the command for women to be silent in church mean?

Must women wear dresses and skirts only? Can't they even sing hymns in church?

Is it true that a divorced couple may not re-marry?

Is a remarried couple committing adultery?

Is it true that God only answers the prayers of sinners?

Whose prayers does God hear?

Is it wrong to eat meat rare or medium rare?

Are dietary prohibitions still in place?

Is it wrong to hang out with my friends and go out with them if they are sinning?

What company should a Christian keep?

Is it wrong to judge?

Is it ever proper for us to pass judgement on others?

Is Jesus a black person or a white person?

What is the racial origin of Jesus? Does it matter?

Is marrying outside my religion right?

Should I cut off my sister who has married a non-believer?

Is masturbation wrong?

Lust and sinful desire.

Is money "the root of all evil"?

What is wrong with money?

Is not having sex before marriage a challenge from God?

Why did He make sex feel the way it does but then put a hold on it?"

Is one drink per day wrong?

Is partaking of any alcoholic beverage sinful?

Is overeating a sin?

About over eating?

Is repentance necessary for sin to be forgiven?

What is necessary for our sins to be forgiven?

Is standing Surety for someone a sin?

Is it right to support others' indebtedness?

Is suicide the unpardonable sin?

How does God view suicide?

Is temptation a sin or not?

What is the difference between temptation and sin?

Is the Bible meant for sinners?

For whom was the Bible written?

Is the use of "sex toys" forbidden in marriage?

What is the difference between lust and love in marriage?

Is the use of intoxicating drugs sinful?

Can drugs like marijuana be used recreationally? God created them didn't He?

Is there a curse on the black race?

Do black people have a curse from God placed on them?

Is there a possibility of present perfection?

Can we live perfectly in this life?

Is there any restriction on the age of baptism?

What are the pre-requisites to baptism?

Is there healing and deliverance for us today?

What does healing and deliverance mean today?

Is there such a thing as rebaptism?

Do I have to be baptised again if I've fallen away and have now come back?"

Is watching porn a sin?

Is it not ok to just watch?

Is watching pornography on TV wrong or sinful?

One is merely watching but not doing so where's the harm?

Is yoga a religon?

Is doing Yoga exercises ok for a Christian?

James 3:1 Why should teachers be judged more strictly than others?
What is it about teaching that merits a greater accountability than non-teaching roles?
Jesus said in John 17:23 I in them and you in me. What does he mean?

The unity of believers with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and with each other.

Jesus said know one can come to me unless the Father draws him. Please explain.

 How does the father "draw" people to His son?

Jesus said whoever lives by the sword will die by the sword.

"the bible teaches me that if we live by the sword we will die by the sword.jesus also said to turn the other , is it wrong to protect ourselves and our families with fire arms? or does jesus speak of our spiritual sword,the word of god?"

Jesus said, '...the kingdom of God is within you.'

So why do l need a church?

Jesus walked on water. How can this strengthen my faith?

Walking with Jesus in the stormy seas of life.

Jesus washed his disciples' feet. Do we have to do that?

Should we wash each other's feet literally?

Makeup and Jewelry: are they appropriate?

Does the Bible prohibit the use of makeup and jewelry?

Marriage and the clergy

Is a pastor or bishop not alowed to marry?

Mathew 18:6 Did God permit suicide?

Was Jesus talking about suicide in this passage?

May a widow get married again?

What are the restrictions, if any, of a widow remarrying?

May Christians drink alcohol?

May we drink beer, wine, hard liquor?

May we eat pork?

What dietary restrictions must a Christian observe?

Meaning of mourn in the beatitudes?

Why are mourners "blessed"?

Measures of faith - is everyone given the same?

Is faith a "talent" or a characteristic which is different in different individuals?

Must Christians celebrate the festival of Unleavened Bread and the Passover ?

Are there any special days we must keep?

My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Can the Bible help?

Can Bible reading promote healing? What verse says we will live to be 70 years old?

New Testament tithing, is it the same as the Old Testament?

Should we pay tithes? If so, to whom?

No matter what sin you have committed will God forgive you?

Do you have to confess your sins to someone or is it just between you and God?

Obedience and Military Metaphors

Why in the world would you compare following Jesus to following a military leader?  I seriously doubt he achieved such great status by barking orders and serving up commands. 

Only humans are existent beings?

Are we humans the only intelligent beings in the universe? 

Organ donation, is it right according to the Bible?

Are christians allowed to become organ donors?

Passages on childlike faith, belief and worship.

What does "childlike faith" mean? 

Please explain how I can forgive extremists who commit horrible acts of terror.

I want retribution on them. I can't find it in my heart to forgive them.

Please explain Proverbs 27:11.

How does the behaviour of a child or student reflect on the parent or teacher?

Please give me Bible verses in relation to computer ethics.

How do we apply the moral teachings of scripture in the computer age?

Please tell me how to pray correctly.

Is there a particular format or formula?

Prayer for a meal, is it necessary?

Why do we say "grace" before a meal?

Religion and Sports

Do the religious choices you make affect your performance in sports?

Requirements for a bishop - please list them.

What are the qualifications for a leader in the church?

Romans 13:8 Owe no man anything...What does this verse mean?

Does this include credit cards, loans for homes and cars, etc.?

Scriptures that help me to fight the devil?

What is the Devil and how do we beat him or it?

Scriptures to read about job loss.

How do we deal with the stress and financial difficulties that come when we lose our job?

Should a Christian be cremated?

Is cremation a sin?

Should a Christian burn incense and light candles in worship?

What's wrong with burning incense and other such practices?

Should a Christian man cover his head while praying?

Does it make any difference one way or the other?

Should a Christian refuse to have an ID chip inserted into his body?

That is presuming that one day such ID chips become mandatory.

Should a person work for a living?

Should we sit back in faith and wait for God to provide for us?

Should an adulterer be confronted?

How do you approach a sinner with a view to his or her reclamation?

Should I be buried when I die or can I be cremated?

Is cremation against scripture?

Should I develop close relationships to ungodly people?

What should my relationship be to such people?

Should I obey my parents?

Should I obey them even when my father abuses me Physically and Emotionally?

Should jewels be forbidden in churches?

How should a woman present herself before God?

Should musical instruments be allowed in church services?

Is it a sin to use musical instruments in church?

Should older people get married?

Is it right for the elderly to marry?

Should Pastors be paid?

How should preachers of the word be compensated?

Should we celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays?

Is there a Biblical problem with celebrating such occasions?

Should we confess our sins to each other?

Can we trust each other that much?

Should we pray for the same thing over and over again?

Does this come under the heading of "vain repetitions" (Matthew 6:7)?

Should we thank God for the serpent of Genesis chapter 3?

What is the serpent in Eden really?

Should women wear pants?

What constitutes "male" clothing as far as women are concerned?

Since we are saved by grace, can we do what we want?

Once we are saved are we ALWAYS saved, no matter what we do?

Sins of the fathers - what does that mean?

Do children suffer because of the sins of their fathers?

Someone I know crossdresses, is it a sin?

Can it be sinful to try to dress like someone of the opposite sex?

Stories from the bible on being your brother's keeper?

Please illustrate from the Bible the notion of being your brother's keeper.

Tattoos - sinful?

Are tattoos wrong and sinful?

Teaching salvation to children

What is the best way to teach children the Gospel?

Tell me about prayer?

Does God hear and answer prayer?  How should we pray?

Thanksgiving: what is the meaning ?

Why should we give thanks? How is it useful for us to render thanksgiving to God?

The Bible and Depression

What does God say what scriptures to use when depressed?

The Bible and Divorce

What does the Bible teach about divorce and remarriage?

The Bible says I cannot please God without faith. How can I get a deep faith?

Is faith an emotional thing or is it purely rational or is it a combination of these things?

The Bible talks about barren women who later had children. Why did they have to wait?

What does the bible say about barren women who had to wait til late in life to have children? What is the lesson for us?

The Lord works in many way his ????
How does this line end? Is it found in the Bible?
The tongue is like a two edged sword, what does that mean?

The tongue - tool for blessing or for evil!

Tithes and the Bible.

Is it a Biblical requirement to pay tithes?

To what do you subject yourself when you forget God?

Are there immediate consequences?

We are living now and have pain, sickness,death,sadness, why?

After all, we didn't ask to be born! It's not our fault!

We are told not to love the world but also that God "So loved the world..."

Is God contradicting Himself?

Were Adam and Eve white?

What race were our first parents? 

What scriptures deal with anxiety and depression?

Can we gain comfort for mental illness by means of the Bible?

What are first fruits offerings?
When should we give a first fruits offering?
What are some great love stories in the bible? How is love illustrated in the Bible?
What are some scriptures that speak about our attitude towards the elderly?

How should we treat our elders?

What are the characteristics of a Christian leader?

What qualities must we look for to fill leadership roles?

What are the characteristics of a good wife?

Must a wife be subordinate to her husband?

What are the commandments of Jesus?

Are they different from the 10 commandments?

What are the commandments we should follow today?

Are some Biblical commandments no longer in force?

What are the differences between saints and the world?

Are "saints" really so different from the rest of us?

What are the God-approved discipline and instruction for raising children?

How does the Bible counsel us to raise children?

What are the greatest tools to build up our faith in Jesus Christ?

How can we find help to live a holy life?

What are the impediments to prospering in God's way?

What keeps us from spiritual success?

What are the qualities of a good character?

Please define these good characteristics:  holiness, purity, contrite heart, fear of God, faithfulneess, obedience, seek & loves GOD, servant of the LORD.

What are the qualities of a righteous person?

Can only those designated "saints" be considered truly righteous?

What are the three characteristics of a good Christian leader?

Are there only 3?

What are the three parts of salvation?

Are there only three?

What are the traits of God found in man?

We are made in God's image do we then share some of His characteristics?

What are tithes?

Are they important in the 21st century?

What are vile sins according to the Bible?

What behaviours does God hate?

What are works of righteousness?

What part do works play in our salvation?

What Biblical laws must we follow?

How many rules and regulations must a Christian follow today? What are they?

What can you tell me about the Lord Jesus Christ's blessings?

What are they and do they apply to us?

What did Israelites look like originally? Where are they now?

Are present day Israelis and Jews truly descendants of the original Hebrews?

What did Jesus mean when said he didnt come to make peace?

Isn't Jesus' role to bring peace? Why did he say that he came to bring a sword?

What do Christadelphians think about the season of "Lent"?

Do Christadelphians practice Lent? If so, why? If not, why? 

What does "lovers of self" mean?
To love oneself - to be self-centred.
What does "many are called but few are chosen" mean?

Are there only a relative few who will be saved?

What does "our daily bread" mean?

Is he talking about food, money, what?

What does "train up a child" mean?
How should parents raise their children to respect God?
What does 'alive unto God ' mean in Romans 6:13?
How can we die to the world and live unto God?
What does a woman's head covering signify?

Are head coverings for women in Christ required today?

What does appearance of evil mean in I Thessalonians 5:22?


Do we need to be sensitive to things that others may think wrong even though they aren't really?
What does Colossians 3:23 say?

Shouldn't we try to please our employers?

What does Hebrews 10 verse 26 mean?

Can a saved sinner having deliberately returned to a sinful life come back to God?

What does it mean to "let this mind be in which was in Christ Jesus"?
How can we have the mind of Christ?
What does it mean to "seek first the kingdom of God"?

Putting God first in our lives!

What does it mean to deny yourself?

Aren't we supposed to be full of self confidence?

What does it mean to gain the whole world and lose your soul?

But don't we need education, a house, money, etc. and yet this is a part of the world, isn't it?

What does it mean to have conviction?
Does conviction have to do with judgment?
What does it mean to turn the other cheek?

How many times should a person be forgiven for their toxic actions?

What does john 14:21 mean?

What are Jesus' commandments and how can we show our love for him?

What does Matthew 25 verse 21 mean?

Does this verse have a life application?

What does My flesh has to die daily mean?

What are we being taught by this saying?

What does Paul mean by Philippians 4:4-7?

How can we rejoice and enjoy the peace of God?

What does Paul mean in Romans 15:1-3 that we are to please people?

Are we meant to be people-pleasers as Christians?

What does proverbs 17 verse 9 mean?

How can we apply its meaning to our daily life?

What does Psalm 84:1-2 mean?

How can we apply this Psalm to our lives today?

What does redeem in the time mean?
In what chapter is this phrase located?
What does repentance mean?

What do we have to do to repent of our sins?

What does reprove mean?
Is it okay to criticize others?
What does the Bible have to say about single women?
Is it okay for a woman to remain single?
What does the Bible mean by "giving"?

Is the Bible only concerned with giving money to the church?

What does the Bible mean by the word 'vanity'?

Does it mean in Hebrew and Greek the same as English or is there a deeper meaning?

What does the Bible really say concerning faith?

Is faith just belief in something, whatever it might be?

What does the Bible say about adultery?
Does adultery have a spiritual meaning too?
What does the Bible say about alcoholics?
Can an alcoholic be in God's kingdom?
What does the bible say about being afraid all the time?
Can the Bible help us to cope with fear?
What does the Bible say about being cremated?

Is an accelerated implementation of "ashes to ashes" scripturally defensible?
What does the Bible say about brothers?
What can we learn about brotherly relationships?
What does the Bible say about burning a body after the person dies?
Is the Bible against cremation?
What does the Bible say about courtship?

Is it okay to indulge in sex while courting?

What does the Bible say about cremation?

Does cremation affect resurrection?

What does the Bible say about cremation?

Does burning the body affect one's ability to be resurrected when Jesus returns?

What does the Bible say about dancing?
Does the Bible forbid dancing?
What does the Bible say about divorce?

Is divorce ever permitted?

What does the Bible say about eating pork?

Are there any dietary restrictions binding on followers of Christ?

What does the bible say about family members marrying each other?

Does the Bible condone incest?

What does the bible say about gossip?

Is it okay if the "gossip" is true?

What does the Bible say about having sex before marriage?

Is any sexual activity outside of marriage sanctioned?

What does the Bible say about honoring parents when they don't honor God?
How should we behave towards unbelieving parents?
What does the Bible say about leaving an inheritance to our children?

How much of an obligation is it to leave an inheritance for them?

What does the Bible say about lodges?
Is it okay to belong to lodges or service clubs?
What does the Bible say about modesty?
What does "modesty" actually mean in a Biblical context?
What does the bible say about polygamy?

Is polygamy a sin? Will practicing polygamy send you to hell?

What does the Bible say about prayer and fasting?

Is fasting profitable today? How is it related to prayer?

What does the bible say about Santa Claus?
Is the Bible really against the "Jolly Old Elf"?
What does the Bible say about Santa Claus?

Is the "jolly old elf" a Biblical character?

What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?

Is it permissible so long as you love your partner?

What does the Bible say about tattoos?
Is it okay to decorate the body with permanent ink?
What does the Bible say about temptation?

Is there a devil or demons who tempt us?

What does the Bible say about tests or testing?

Why must we experience trials in life?

What does the Bible say about tithing?

Are we bound to give a certain percentage of our earnings to the church?

What does the Bible say about worship?

How can we worship God acceptably?

What does the Bible say our purpose is?
Why are we here?
What does the bible says about anger?

Is there such a thing as "righteous anger"?

What does the Bible Teach about child care?

What about those born with autism?"

What does the bible teach about Euthanasia?
Is mercy killing ever justifiable?
What does the Bible teach about gambling?

What does the Bible teach about gambling?

What does the Bible teach about masturbation?
Is this practice ever appropriate?
What does the husband of one wife mean?

Did brethren in Christ sometimes have more than one wife in Paul's day?

What does the passage 'do not cast your pearls before swine' mean?
How do we identify who is "swine" and who isn't?
what does the phrase "the flesh wars against the spirit" mean?

Is this the great conflict in the Bible?

What does walking in the power of the spirit mean?

Does this phrase occur in the Bible?

What effect does cremation of my remains have at the resurrection?

If I am cremated and my ashes are contained in an urn is this the same as being buried? 

What food does God forbid believers to eat?

Do we need to follow dietary regulations in order to obey God?

What happens if some family members believe and some don't?
How can you reach out to unbelieving family members?
What happens to Jewish people?

Can Jews, or anyone for that matter, be saved apart from Christ?

What happens to our children on judgment day?

What happens to our children who are not baptised when we are taken to judgment?

What happens to us when we think very highly of ourselves?

Why is pride a sin?

What if someone swore on the Bible but didn't follow through?
Should we take an oath on the Bible? Or any oaths at all?
What is meant by blessings and curses?
Can blessings and curses be pronounced on people today?
What is a "stumbling block"?
Is a stumbling block referring to sin or to any kind of impediment?
What is a good passage to read when I am struggling in life?

Is there a particular verse that would be helpful?

What is a minister?
Can anyone be a "minister"?
What is a scoffer?

What are the characteristics of a scoffer?

What is an appropriate symbol for Christianity?

Is it a cross? a fish? a star of David?

What is blasphemy?
What constitutes blasphemy? What is the penalty for blasphemy?
What is circumcision?

How can we circumcise our hearts as per Deuteronomy10:16?

What is discipleship?

Who is call to be a disciple?
What is divine providence?
How does God care for us?
What is God's purpose for mankind?

How can I be ready for the second coming of Jesus?

What is good Friday?

Is it a Bible sanctioned Holy Day?

What is Love?
What does the Bible mean by "love"?
What is meant by saying the mind is a battlefield?
What is our spiritual warfare?
What is ministry?

Must one be a professional to be a minister of the Gospel?

What is moral instruction?

What role does "moral instruction" play in my life as a Christian?

What is my purpose in my life?

How can i serve God and have a succesfull life?

What is my secondary purpose on earth?

Is my primary purpose to praise God, to replenish the earth, etc., but what kind of job job should I do? What do I focus on? 

What is salvation?
Saved from what?
What is the best pattern for prayer?

Does the Bible teach us how to pray?

What is the Bible's opinion regarding conspiracy theories such as the "Illuminati"?

What passages speak of such things?
What is the Biblical meaning of thanksgiving?

Why should we give thanks? How is it useful for us to render thanksgiving to God?

What is the Biblical meaning of the word hope?
What do we, as followers of Christ, hope for in the end?
What is the cosf of following Jesus?
Is it a difficult thing to follow Christ?
What is the difference between a bill of divorce and putting asunder?

Is divorce ever permitted in the Bible?

What is the difference between fornication and adultery?
Is one concerned with marriage and the other the wrong expression of sexuality generally?
What is the difference between love and respect?
Can you love someone and not respect them and vice versa?
What is the difference between pride and confidence?

Can you have one without the other?

What is the difference between sin in Christ and sin outside the body of Christ?
Are there different types and degrees of sin?
What is the fivefold ministry?

Is this a Biblical concept or just church jargon?

What is the formula for baptism?
Does it matter was said just before a baptism?
What is the fruit of the spirit?

Can we really be expected to live up to these qualities?

What is the fruit of the spirit?

How is the fruit of the spirit manifested in our lives?

What is the importance of giving offerings to God?

What can we possibly offer to God?

What is the importance of obedience to leadership?
We must be careful regarding where we place our allegiance.
What is the importance of songs of faith?
Is singing an important spiritual discipline?
What is the importance of thanksgiving?

Why thank God? He knows our hearts doesn't He?

What is the lesson in the parable of the talents?

What can we learn spiritually from this parable?

What is the lesson of Luke 5?

How does it apply to life now?

What is the meaning of Easter?

Should Christians celebrate Easter?

What is the meaning of life?
How can the Bible show us our purpose in life?
What is the meaning of the "sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children"?

Is God unfair in this? Doesn't it contradict other passages such as Deuteronomy 24:16?

What is the most humane teaching of the Bible?
Love the Lord thy God and thy neighbour as thyself!
What is the peace of God?

How can I experience it?

What is the process of repenting to GOD for your sins?

Is it ever too late to repent?

What is the prodigal son?
What is the significance of his example?
What is the proper way to pray?

Are there any "set" prayers we should pray?

What is the purpose of God in creating mankind?
Why did God create us and why does He still care for us?
What is the role of a father?
What does the Bible say about fatherhood?
What is the shema exactly?

Is it a prayer or confession of faith? 
What is the truth about eating pork in the Bible?

Are there any dietary restrictions which we must observe today?


What is the value of thanksgiving?

Does God "need"our thanks?  Is it mostly for us?

What is the whole armor of God? "What is the whole armor of God?"
What is the world’s relationship with God?

Does He love the world or hate it because of sin and evil?

What is true prosperity in a Christian's life?
Does God really want you to be rich in this world's goods?
What is willful sinning?

Is your name removed from the book of life if you sin after baptism?

What kind of behavior does Jesus say makes someone a great person?

How can I be a success in Jesus' eyes?

What lesson should I learn in order to lean on God?

How can I trust God even when I am down?

What must a person do to enter the Kingdom of God?

Are the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven the same thing?

What must I do to make my faith in God strong?
What are the disciplines of effective discipleship?
What must we not eat?

Are there still dietary restrictions in force?

What part am I here to play on this earth?
What is my purpose in life?
What part of the bible says that a woman shall not cut her hair?

Should a Christian woman allow her hair to grow unchecked?

What portions of scripture explain prayer?

Why is prayer so difficult?

What principle is highlighted in John 3 verse 30?
What can we learn from the words of John the Baptist?
What reasons are there for Christians to have hope?

Is there hope in a hopeless world?

What should I do everyday as spiritual discipline?
How can I serve?
What should I expect to change in my life after Baptism?
Will the changes be dramatic?
What should we eat: Meat, fish, or vegetarian?

Are followers of Jesus constrained by any dietary restrictions? Is it okay to drink tea and coffee?

What steps should I take to be successful?

Does the Bible have a get rich quick formula?

What verse says if you reach out to Him, He will reach out to you?

If we sincerely seek Him, will we find Him?

What verses encourage you to speak before a group?

How can I be spiritually prepared to speak in public?

What verses teach us to follow Jesus Christ as our King?

Is Jesus our King as well as our Saviour?

What was the reasoning behind circumcision?

Why was it necessary? Is it still a requirement?

What will I get if I give willingly?

What's in it for me?

What will the tribulations be like?
Will we have to suffer before Christ comes?
What's the difference between telling the truth and gossiping?

If the story I tell is true, is it still gossip?

What's the importance of giving in church?
Must I give to the church specifically? Must I "tithe"?
When a person dies what happens to their soul and spirit?

Do they die too?

When are we to partake of bread and wine in rememberance of Jesus?

What is the frequency? Is there a particular day of the year to do this?

When did God discontinue mulitple wives?

Many men considered paragons of faith had multiple wives. Why was this permitted?

When do you know if your making the right decisions?
How can we learn to make Godly choices?
When does God forgive me for years of drug abuse and thefts?
What verses can help me to do the right thing?
When God said come as you are, did He mean to come in old ragged clothes?
How should we come before God?
When shoud a person be baptized?

Is there a set age for baptism?

When should women have their heads covered?

Should they bother at all or is it only when praying?

When there is a struggle within us how can we be connected to God? How do you commit to obedience when there is a struggle to be connected with GOD the way Solomon, and David for example knew God? 
When we pray do we go to God through the name of Jesus?

Or, do we pray directly to Jesus?

Where did God tell us how long we can live?
Is the general span of human life predetermined?
Where do we read that God should be first in our lives?
Does that mean family is second, work third, etc.?
Where does it say in the Bible not to sing in church?
On the contrary, singing is actively encouraged!
Where does it say in the Bible that tattoos will be removed?

Are tattoos sinful?

Where does the Bible say that sins against the Holy Spirit are not forgiven?

Aren't all sins forgiveable?

Where does the Bible say that we should go to church?

Can't we just worship God in our way by ourselves?

Where does the Bible speak of relationships?

Relationships with God and the Lord Jesus Christ and with one another.

Where in the Bible can I study to be successful in life?

Successful materially or spiritually?

Where in the Bible did God give his okay to eat pork?
Are there any dietary restrictions binding on Christians?
Where in the Bible does God say that He does not help him who does not help himself?
Do we depend on God or just on ourselves?
Where in the Bible does it caution against arguing?

Is the Bible specific about this?

Where in the Bible does it say for children to obey your parents?
Children should obey their parents in the Lord.
Where in the Bible does it speak about not being able to drink liquor?
After all, wasn't wine drunk in Biblical times even by the Lord?
Where in the Bible does it talk about health?
Healthy living now and eternal health in the future!
Where is the passage where the LORD says he will be with us always?
He will never forsake us.
While reading John 6:67, I was moved. Was Jesus speaking to me?

What are His expectations of me?

Who spread the gospel to India?

Is anyone named as a preacher to India?

Why are black people black?
Is it a sign of a divine curse?
Why are we born if we have to be perfect like Jesus to enter heaven?

If we must be perfect, why would allow us to be born, just to cast us into hell?

Why are we encouraged to do good to our enemies?
Why should treat well those who mistreat us?
Why are women to cover their heads as per 1 Corinthians 11?

Why not men too?

Why can't we eat pork?

Are there any dietary prohibitions relevant to Christians?

Why did David have such trust and confidence in God?
What can we learn from David's faith?
Why did god allow Job to suffer so much?

Job was righteous so why did God pick on him?

Why did God command Israel to kill women and children?

How can such a command be justified?

Why did God create men and women?

Was God lonely?  Did He want to have beings to love and to love him in return?


Why did Jesus teach us "the Lord's Prayer"?

Did he mean for us to repeat it word for word?

Why did Jesus want carpenters and fishermen for his disciples?
Does he demand that we give away our possessions and that discipleship will cost all that we have?
Why do Christadelphians not participate in politics?

Do you believe that no professing Christian should be involved in the political process?

Why do Christians usually go to church?

Can't we just worship on our own?

Why do I feel that God is not hearing my prayers?

I feel lost. I read the bible but I don't always understand it.

Why do i feel that my life is just the same and nothing has changed?

Why is life such a roller-coaster ride?

Why do I have bad sinful thoughts all the time?
What can I do to change my way of thinking?
Why do Jewish men cover their heads to pray?
Should we do the same?
Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25?

Does the Bible talk about this date? Does it even mention Christmas?

Why do we give up something for lent?

Is this tradition Biblical or is it a Catholic practice?

Why do we have to love Jesus more than our own children?
Why must we put Christ and his Father's Kingdom first in our lives?
Why do we have to read the Bible and pray every day?
Why do we have to be so diligent in spiritual things?
Why do we live only to die?

What's the point?

Why do we need to confess our sins?

Does God not know our sins already?

Why does evil happen at night?
It happens during the day too!
Why does God allow an evil person to kill a righteous person?

Why does God allow the righteous to suffer at the hands of the unrighteous?

Why does God allow bad people to live great lives?
Why aren't evil men and women punished in this life?
Why does God allow human suffering to go on so long?

What reason could there possibly be?

Why does God allow suffering?

How can a loving God tolerate the suffering of His children?

Why does God forgive even when mankind continues to sin?

Is there a limit to His mercy?

Why does God let babies be killed?
Aren't babies innocent? Why should they die?
Why does God let His people be persecuted?

What about all the evil that people do to each other? Why does God allow that to happen?

Why does God love me?

I have ADHD and Autism. Many people say I am a mistake.

Why does God put us through things we can't handle?
Does God allow us to suffer trials too difficult for us?
Why does God want his people to turn from their wicked ways ?

Surely, if the wicked were saved once, they are always saved, no?

Why does the Lord's prayer say 'lead us not into temptation'?
In this case "temptation" means trial".
Why don't Christadelphians encourage fasting?

Is there a spiritual and/or medical benefit to the practice of fasting?

Why don't Christadelphians pay tithes?

Do Christadelphians have rules for giving?

Why don't Christians celebrate Easter at the same Time Jews celebrate the Passover?

After all, wasn't Jesus crucified during Passover?

Why is Easter called Easter?
Is the celebration of Easter Biblically sound?
Why is it hard to focus on what is important?
Why is it so difficult to read the Bible and pray even though we are baptized?
Why is the Bible filled with so much violence, sexism, and promotion of slavery?

Aren't Jesus and the Bible supposed to be about love?

Why is there so much hypocrisy in the church today?

Why are the churches not united? What do we do to overcome this disease of division?
Why must Christians never swear an oath?

Is it wrong to guarantee that what we say is true?

Why should I not be actively involved in politics, protests, etc.?

Shouldn't we express our anger openly about sin in the world?

Why should we bring our offerings to God?

What kind of offerings should we give to God?

Why should we pray?

What are the benefits of prayer?

Why was polygamy allowed by God in the Old Testament?

Why isn't having more than one wife or husband permissible today?

Will God forgive people with tattoos if they repent?

Will God allow forgiven people with tattoos to be in His Kingdom?
Will having a tattoo keep me from the Kingdom of God?

Am I sinning while the tattoo remains even though I tried to erase it?

Will I finally have peace?

Can I find it now or do I have to wait for Jesus to return?

Will smoking weed send you to hell?
Is the use of marijuana sinful?
Will the Judgement be private or public?

Will our sins be proclaimed upon the housetops as in Luke 12:1-12?

Would it be a sin if a married couple decided not to have children?
Is the raising of children the primary purpose of marriage?
Would it be acceptable to join the armed forces as a non-combatant?
For example would it be okay to be a medic, an engineer, or an administrator?