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Exploring The Bible

This 28 lesson detailed Bible course follows the chronology of the Bible and highlights Bible teaching in its historical context. It is ideal if you want to learn about the main themes of the Bible and understand the structure of the book. It is a course that:

  • Follows the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Sets out the fundamental teachings of the Bible clearly.
  • Gives the Bible's correct historical setting.
  • Sets out the overall plan and purpose of God with the earth.
  • Explains the teaching and work of Christ.
  • Gives the key to interpreting Bible prophecy.
  • Explains the hope you can share through the Gospel.
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Learn To Read The Bible Effectively

Welcome to the "Learn to Read the Bible Effectively” course. This exciting video course is specifically designed for anyone wishing to improve their Bible reading skills and comprehension.

This course consists of sixteen video lessons that you view online. Each lesson includes some application questions to help you practice and master the Bible reading skills discussed in the video lesson. An on-line correspondent will be assigned to you as your personal coach on how to use these skills.

This course encourages you to go beyond retention of new information. It promotes personal analysis and understanding of Bible passages. We believe these skills are essential to effective Bible study and that you will find this course to be an outstanding investment of your time.

If you’d like to learn more, why not watch this short introductory video?

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