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1 Thessalonians 4 verse 14 says God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep. Meaning?

When Jesus comes will some saints come with him and others rise from the earth?

1 Timothy 3:14-15 says the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth. Is it the Catholic Church?

With all the differing denominations, which church is the "pillar and ground of the Truth"? 

After death, how long does it take for the soul to reach heaven?

What does the Bible really teach about life after death?

After one's last breath on earth, is the very next breath in heaven?

What happens when we die anyway?

Are all of our sins, past, present, or future forgiven already when we receive Christ?

Colossians 2:13-14 seems to indicate that this is so.

Are demons the same as idols?

Do demons have a "real" existence?

Are Jesus and God the same person?

Is he an angel or a human being?

Are Moses and Elijah in heaven?

If not, how did they appear alive long after they died?

Are people judged immediately after they die and go directly to heaven or hell?

Do they have to wait for the day of judgment to discover their fate?

Are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit one?

Is the doctrine of the Trinity true?

Are the Holy Spirit gifts given to the Apostles at Pentecost still available to believers today?

If the gifts did cease, when did they and why?

Are there spiritual forces of wickedness in heaven as per Ephesians 6:12?

What does Paul mean by 'in the heavenly places'?

Are those who have died in heavenly realms now?

If not, where are they?

Are you a non-trinitarian church?

Is this doctrine profound or simple nonsense?

At what age should children be saved?
What does it mean to be "saved"?
Baptism and speaking in tongues

Does one receive the gift of tongues at baptism?

Baptism for the dead?

Is there such a thing as baptism for the dead as per 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Baptized in the name of Jesus vs. The father,Son,and the Holy Ghost - what is the difference?

What is the correct formula for baptism?

Can God become a man?

Did God become the man, Jesus Christ?

Can I be saved by faith alone?

Even if I don't live according to Christ's commandments?

Can I get the holy spirit at times?

Are gifts of the spirit, especially tongues, available today?

Can someone go to heaven without experiencing death? if not, then what about "Enoch "?

Has anyone gone to "Heaven" the dwelling place of God?

Can the righteous see God in the kingdom of heaven?

Where is the kingdom anyway? Heaven or earth?

Can the soul die?

Isn't the human soul immortal?

Can we have eternal life now?

John 3:36 and 1 John 5:13 seem to say so.

Can you explain 1 John 1:9 and Romans 8:1?

Why do we need forgiveness if once saved, we are always saved?

Can you explain 1 Thessalonians 4:17?

Is "the Rapture" true?

Can you explain Colossians 2:9?

Is Jesus really God?

Can you explain Ephesians 6:12?

In this verse, what are 'principalities, and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world?'

Can you explain Isaiah 9:6?

Does this passage not refer to the Deity of Jesus?

Can you explain monotheism?

What does "monotheism" have to do with Christianity?

Can you explain Philippians 2:9?

Is Jesus God because he has been given the NAME that is above  every name?

Can you explain the John chapter 1 verses 1 to 14?

Why is Jesus called God in these verses?

Can you explain the significance of the shedding of blood to cover or purge sin?

How did the sacrifices under the Law of Moses foreshadow the work of Christ.

Can you give an overview of Bible Doctrines and Themes?

What are the key principles and themes of Bible teaching?

Can you refute Charles Templeton's atheist arguments?

He says that the God's "justice" in the Old Testament's is outrageous see: Gen.6:17; 19:24-25; Deut.7:1-2, Deut. 20:16; Josh 6:21, 1 Sam.15:3. 

Church Icons

Are church icons idols?

Could Satan actually give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their glory?

Who was this Satan and how much power does he have?

Define the body , the soul and the spirit of man.

Do we have an immortal soul?

Did Christ witness to those who died during the flood?

Does 1 Peter 3:18 teach this?

Did Eve have sex with Satan in the garden of Eden?

Was a fallen angel present in Eden?

Did Jesus abolish the law?

Didn't he say that he came not to abolish the law?

Did Jesus appear to anyone else, in other forms in the old testament?

Did Jesus have a pre-human existence?

Did Jesus destroy the Devil?

In what sense did Jesus destroy the devil?

Did Jesus go to hell?

Where was Jesus after he died?

Did Jesus have sinful fresh before his death?

Is "sinful flesh" the same as "human nature"?

Did Moses, Elijah, and Enoch go to heaven?

Does anyone go to heaven?

Do angels marry?

Do angels mate with humans?

Do Christadelphians believe in the antichrist?

What do you think is the identity of the so-called "antichrist"?

Do Christadelphians worship Christ?

Do you think Jesus is God or not?

Do our souls stay with the body after death until the resurrection?

Is the notion of "soul sleep" true?

Do the faithful dead mediate to God for us?

What happens to the dead? Do they work for us in heaven?

Do the souls of the cremated go to heaven ?

Do any souls go to heaven?

Do we have immortal souls?

What is immortality and how can we gain it?

Do we need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?

Is water baptism sufficient?

Do we need water baptism?

If salvation is by faith alone, why would baptism be required?

Do we not go to heaven if we are not baptised?

Is baptism essential to salvation?

Do you have to have the Holy Spirit?

Must you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to enter heaven?

Does a dead person know that he is dead?

Is there any kind of consciousness after death?

Does everybody go to heaven?

Does ANYBODY go to heaven?

Does God exist?

How can we know that there is a God?

Does God exist?

How can you convince someone that God exists?

Does God heal today?

How can we be healed?

Does God need Satan?

Does God need Satan to justify His existence?

Does God punish us for sinning?

What is the punishment for sin?

Does God speak to us in dreams?

Do you believe in the messages that comes through dreams - Job 33:5-18?

Does God withhold the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

If so, what could the blockages be?

Does heaven only hold a place for some, while the rest of us live here on earth, in perfection?

Are there two classes of the saved in God's Kingdom?

Does Jesus appear in the OT as an angel?

Is Jesus an angel or is he superior to angels?

Does Peter doubt that Jesus is God while Jesus was walking on water?

Is Jesus actually God?

Does the Bible contradict Science?

Is there a conflict between the Bible and Science?

Does the soul die?

What is the soul? What is the only hope of immortality?

Dust we are so why talk about heaven?

What is death? What is the reward of the righteous?

Evidence of the existence of God?


Explain mark 16:16

What is the difference between saved and not damned?

Explain Matthew 15:9

How important is sound doctrine?

Explain Matthew 3:11.

What does baptism by the Holy Spirit and fire mean?

Faith + nothing = salvation + obedience? Is this true?

Is obedience an essential component of faith or not?

First Century Miracles Today?

Why are there no more real miracles?

God offered Adam and Eve life on earth if obedient so why did they go to heaven at death?

But did they go to heaven when they died?

God, Creation, and Sin


Has God chosen only some for salvation?

Does it matter what we do? Is the outcome of our lives already predestined?

Hell - what is it?

Hell and the grave.

How are we healed by Jesus stripes?

Was his suffering some kind of payment to God because of our sinfulness?

How are we saved through grace?

Does grace mean that once saved, we are always saved?

How can I be prepared for the "Rapture"?

What is the "Rapture" anyway?

How can I explain the Trinity to a new believer?

Is the Trinity even worth explaining?

How can I find my Holy Spirit gift?

Do Holy Spirit gifts even exist today?

How can one lose one's salvation?

Once "saved" aren't we always "saved"?

How can the son of man become God?

Doesn't Numbers 23 verse 19 say otherwise?

How can we properly understand speaking in tongues?

Are tongues a bona fide manifestation of the Holy Spirit today?

How can you say the Trinity is a false doctrine?

Aren't there many scriptures which prove the Trinity to be a true doctrine?

How could Jesus be tempted like us?

Was Jesus REALLY human?

How did Jesus in save us from our sin?

How should we respond to what Jesus has done for us?

How did the Holy Spirit operate in the Old Testament?

Did it operate the same way as in the New Testament?

How do you know you have eternal life?

Can you be assured of immortality?

How do I explain baptism by water and the spirit?

Must we be baptized by water And the spirit?

How do I know that yours is the true religion?

Measure your church against Bible teaching.

How do you explain Genesis 3 if there is no Devil?

Was the Serpent in Genesis really a fallen angel or a figment of her imagination or a real serpent?

How do you explain John 10:30 if Jesus is not part of the Trinity?

Does Jesus mean that he and God are the same?

How do you explain John 14:2,3?

Is the reward of the faithful in heaven or on earth?

How do you explain the sabbath?

Must we keep the seventh day as holy to God?

How do you interpret John 8:44?

Is the "Devil" a person?

How do you know that you are saved?

Is it a feeling? Is it by means of speaking in tongues?

How do you know when you are called by God?

Who does God call and how does He call them?

How has evil come into the world?

Did God create evil? If not, how did it originate? Who are God's people?

How have the covenant promises to Abraham been fulfilled?

If so, when?

How is devil worship depicted in the Bible?

Is the Devil a real being who may be worshipped?

How is Jesus "the Word made flesh"?

Was he alive in another form before his birth on earth?

How is Jesus Christ God?

Is the Trinity or pre-existence true?

How is Jesus one with the Father?

Why did he say if you believe in God, believe also in me?

How is the word "word" used in John1:1?

Who is the "word" in John 1:14?

How many tribes will be allowed into heaven?

Does everyone have an equal opportunity? Do we actually go to heaven at death?

How serious is communion?

Meeting to remember Jesus in bread and wine.

How was Samuel called back from the grave?

How was it possible for the spirit of Samuel to be called back from the grave if the dead are asleep?

How wiil you know that God calls you?

Called by the gospel.

How will Jesus return?

Bodily and visibly or spiritually and invisibly?

I am confused about Bible teaching on speaking in tongues.

Why, in some churches,  most of the believers in the congregation speak in tongues  at the same time when Paul says that two or three at the most should speak and even then, there should be an interpreter?

I believe in faith healing and tongues speaking. Do you?

Gifts of the spirit today.

I have heard people say that the dead have visted them?

Are ghosts real?

I need to do a essay on salvation, can you help me?

What is salvation?

I truly read the Bible. The Parakletos is Muhammed - agreed?

Is Muhammed a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

I want to know about faith.

What is faith?

I want to know something about the cross

What is the meaning of the cross? Why was Jesus crucified?

I would like to know if salvation is predetermined by God.

Are there only a chosen few? Or is salvation open to all through faith? What is predestination?

If a soul is a body with breath in it, then what about Matthew 10:28?

The body and soul are spoken of separately in Matthew 10:28. Why?

If God the father of Jesus is loving why was so much killing commanded in the Old Testament?

Is God guilty of murder?

If I am washed from my sins by the blood of Jesus why do I need water baptism?

Isn't faith and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit enough?

If once saved are we always saved no matter what we do?

Is salvation dependent on good works or faith alone?

If the devil is to be tormented day and night in the lake of fire why not us?

Is the punishment for sin eternal torment?

If the Sabbath is seventh day, why do most Christians keep the first day?

Isn't keeping the 7th day Sabbath one of the 10 commandments after all?

If the ten commandments are not essential to salvation, explain 1 John 3:4.

How would we know what sin is without the ten commandments?

If we are baptized in the Spirit does it return to heaven at death?

Does the spirit return to God while we sleep in the grave?

If, as you say, “once saved always saved” is not true, then what is the point?

Is our salvation dependent on works? Why would one come to Christ then?

In Genesis 1 and John 1 verses 1-14 where is the Trinity?

Is the Trinity even taught in the Bible?

In Genesis 3, how can the serpent talk to Eve and tempt her?

Is it not rather a fallen angel controlling the serpent?

In john 20:28, why did Thomas call Jesus "My Lord and My God"?

Was Thomas right? Is Jesus really God?

In Romans 6:3-4 says that we were baptized into Christ Jesus death.

Why do we need to be baptized by water? 

In the Catholic Church, who declares someone a saint?

Is Catholic "sainthood" valid?

Is a baby born with sin?

Is there such a thing as "origninal sin"?

Is baptism necessary to go to heaven?

What is the reward of the faithful and how is it attained?

Is being at the right hand of God mean that Jesus is equal to Him?

Are Jesus and the Father the same Being?

Is God Fair and Just - What about the Flood?

Why was everyone killed buy Noah and his family?

Is God guilty of murder?

The "man of God" was lied to and killed. The man who tried to steady the Ark was killed. Why?

Is God selfish?

Is God an egomaniac because we must glorify Him?

Is heaven real?

Is life after death in heaven?

Is humankind really made in the image of God?

And God said, let us make man... I thought the word us meant the Trinity. So was man was made in the image of the Triune God?

Is infant baptism right or wrong?

How can a baby make an informed decision to follow Christ?

Is it important for everyone to speak in tongues?

Is modern tongues speaking real?

Is it possible to reach one who believes in once saved always saved?

Is your salvation eternally secured upon conversion?

Is it possible to see God?

If yes Where is God?

Is it possible to study your faith and beliefs?

What do Christadelphians belive and teach?

Is it right to worship Jesus?

Shouldn't we worship God only?

Is it true that we will go to heaven after death?

Or, perhaps, to hell?

Is Jesus an angel in heaven? if not what is he?

Is he God the Son? Is he still human?

Is Jesus Christ God the Son?

Did Jesus exist before he was born - see Colossians 1:18?

Is Jesus Christ human or God?

Is the doctrine of the Trinity true?

Is Jesus God or the Son of God.

Is Jesus the second person of a Triune God?

Is Jesus God the Son or the Son of God?

Does the doctrine of the Trinity make any sense at all?

Is Jesus God?
Is he the son of God? What does that mean?
Is Jesus God?

Why is Jesus called the Son of God?

Is Jesus the only true God?

Oneness Pentecostals and the nature of Christ.

Is Mary, the mother of Jesus, therefore the mother of God?

Is Jesus actually God?

Is Muslim Fellowship superior to Christian?

Christians won't fellowship different denominations but a Muslim can fellowship at any mosque anywhere.

Is not John 8.58 a clear proof of the preexistence of Jesus?

If not, then how should one understand these words?

Is our next conscious moment after death resurrection?

What is the difference between resurrection and immediate judgement?

Is Peter the Rock?

What is the rock referred to in Matthew16:18?

Is salvation by faith alone or with works?

If works are required, what kind of works?

Is Satan alive and on earth?

Who or what is "Satan"?

Is Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath keeping correct?

Do Christians need to keep the Sabbath?

Is the Catholic Church the only church on the earth founded by Jesus?

Isn't the Catholic Church responsible for much evil in the world?

Is the Catholic church the origin of most false doctrines?

These include doctrines such as the trinity, immortal souls, heaven going, hell as a place of eternal torment, etc. 

Is the devil in heaven now?

Where is the Devil?

Is the doctrine of the 'Immaculate Conception' true?

Was mary born with original sin?

Is the God of the Old Testament the same as the God of the New Testament?

Is He a God of severity and punishment in the Old Testament but a God of love and mercy in the New Testament?

Is the king of Tyre Lucifer from Ezekiel 28:12-15

Who is Lucifer?

Is the Kingdom of God in heaven or is it the new earth?

Do we go to heaven at death or not?

Is the Olivet discourse about the rapture or the second coming?

What is the rapture anyway?

Is the rapture true?

What does 1 Thessalonians teach about our meeting with Christ when he comes?

Is the second coming of Christ in the scriptures?

If the saved go to heaven, why does Christ have to return?

Is there a Bible verse that supports the expression once saved always saved?

Can salvation for the believer be said to be guaranteed?

Is there a holy grail family?

Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene?

Is there an angel that God sent away from heaven?

Did angels fall from heaven?

Is there any empirical evidence that Jesus exists?

What historical evidence is there that Jesus was/is a real person?

Is there any truth in dreams and visions?

How does God reveal Himself to us today?

Is there life after death?

What happens when we die?

Is there really a lake of fire?

What is the lake of fire in the book of Revelation?

Ishmael was the first born of Abraham correct?

Why do Christians consider Isaac to be Abraham's firstborn?

James 5:14-15 Why is this not happening in the churches?

Is James talking about healing of physical illness?

Jesus came back to life once why didn't he come back again?

When will Jesus return and why has it taken so long?

Jesus said 'heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away. Please explain.

Does that mean that the world will end someday? Isn't the Kingdom of God to be on earth forever?

Jesus said I and my father are one, and if you have seen me you have seen my father also. Meaning?

Was Jesus saying he is equal with God?

Jesus spoke of having other sheep. Who are they?

Jesus primarily preached to the Jews of his day. The other sheep are the Gentiles.

Jesus warned about false prophets and teachers. Why?

Are false teachers now here in the world preaching their gospel? How do we recognize them?

Jesus, according to Matthew 4:23-24 healed people. Does that happen today?

Is the spirit gift of healing active today?

John 14:6 does this mean salvation comes from Christianity only?

Can people be saved apart from Christ?

John 15:13 Please explain.

What does Jesus mean by no greater love than laying down one's life.

Jude 19 who was the devil in this passage?

Why were the "devil" and Michael arguing about the "body of Moses"?

Keeping Unity While Carrying Good News -How?

What is the basis of true Christian unity?

Love our enemies? If so, then why is threre hell?

God doesn't love His enemies, why should we?

Luke 1:30-35 Will Jesus truly reign forever?

Revelation says that he will reign for 1,000 years. How is that the same as "forever"?

Mark 9:14-29, speaks of evil spirits. What are these "evil spirits"?

Do they exist today?

Mary, Jesus' mother, a mediator now?

Are there other mediators between God and mankind such as angels or saints or is Jesus alone in this role?

Millennialism - What Is It?

The millennium and the Kingdom of God.

Mortal putting on immortality - what does it mean?

Do we have an immortal soul? If so, why must we "put on" immortality? Don't we already have it?

Must believers today keep the Sabbath?

Is the Sabbath law still in effect?

Must Christians keep the Sabbath?

If not the seventh day Sabbath, which day should we keep?

Must Christians still keep the Ten Commandments?

Have the Ten Commandments been replaced or just abolished?

Now that he is in heaven, is Jesus God the Son?

What is his status in heaven now?  Has he shed his humanity?

Nowhere does Jesus refer to the Holy Spirit other than a person. Why do you?

Is the Holy Spirit a person or only a "force"?

Once saved always saved?

Can one lose one's hold on salvation?

Once the final judgment comes what is the punishment of the wicked?

 Is punishment to be eternal torment, eternal separation from God or total extinction?

Please explain Genesis 3:15.

Who are "the seed of the woman" and "the seed of the serpent"?

Please explain Luke 18:15-17.

Luke 18:15-17 - Do children/infants have automatic entrance to the kingdom of God if they died without an understanding of the gospel?

Please explain who Job's Satan is.

Is Job's Satan a fallen angel tempter? a good angel sent to try the righteous? a symbol of Job's friends?

Preaching to the dead?

Did Jesus preach to departed souls in the beyond?

Purgatory, is it in the Bible?

What is the source of the idea of purgatory? Doesn't the thief on the cross proof that there is no purgatory? After all, he went straight to heaven, didn't he? 

Rapture - Is It Biblical?

What happens to the saints when Jesus returns? Are we raptured to heaven? What is meant by the Kingdom of God?


Is this life all there is?


Please explain the resurrection.

Revelation from God - is it finished?

Is there any revelation from God today?

Satan locked up?

"satan locked up?"

Science and Hell?

Do Christadelphians believe Hell to be Exothermic or Endothermic?

Should an unbaptized person take communion?

When is it proper for a person to partake of communion, the bread and wine in memory of Jesus?

Should I only have to pray for something once?

If I pray often for the same thing, am I weak in faith?

Should we honour Mary the mother of Jesus?
Is Mary, like Jesus, alive in heaven?
Should we keep the Sabbath today?

If so, is it Saturday or Sunday? If not, why not?

Should we keep the sabbath?

What day, if any, is the true Sabbath? 

Since Abraham was originally Arabic do not Islam and Christianity share the same roots?

Was Abraham an Arab? Does it matter?

Since Jesus drank from the cup of suffering, is there nothing left for us to drink?

So all we need to do now is to drink the cup of praise? Nothing more is required?

Since we will inherit the earth, will we have a physical body?

Why are we told that flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of God?

So are we born again through the Word of God, baptism and the resurrection?

Are we born again through baptism? Are we symbolically buried and raised with Christ? (Romans 6:4)

So many interpret the bible to their own ends why so much confusion?

If there is only one Bible why so much confusion about its interpretation?

So many people believe in reincarnation but what does the Bible say?

Is there any truth in the notion of reincarnation?

So where was Mary buried and when did she die?

What do we know about the death of Mary and the place of her burial?

Solomon refused to obey God in his later years. Will he make it to the portals of glory?

What will be Solomon's fate?

Speaking In Tongues, is it Biblical?

Are spirit gifts such as tongues available today? Is the Holy spirit active today? Are Christadelphians just exemplars of a Western materialistic mindset in denying the operation of the Spirit through the Spirit gifts?

Spirit, soul and body - explain

What are the distinctions between spirit, soul and body?

Spiritual forces of Evil?

What are the spiritual forces of evil in the "heavenly places"?

Spiritual warfare: what is it?

What is our struggle in this life against? Our nature or a supernatural tempter?

Steps to salvation in Romans?

In the book of Romans, what are the steps to salvation?

The Bible speaks of one right church but which one?

How do we know which church is right?

The kingdom of heaven is mentioned throughout the Bible, 32 times in Matthew alone.

Why do you say then the kingdom is on earth? What scripture says that God's kingdom is on earth?

There was the word first? What does the Bible mean by "the Word"?
Tongues - are they Biblical?

Are Tongues gibberish?

Was God really a black man?

What race is "God" or Jesus?

Was Jesus God in the flesh?

If so, then why did God refer to Jesus as His son ?

Was Jesus resurrected in spirit or bodily ?

If Jesus was resurrected as a spirit being, did his body remain in the grave?

Was Jesus True? Was Jesus really who he said he was?
Was Lucifer really a fallen angel from Heaven?

If so, how did he fall and why? If not, what is Lucifer and the devil?

Was Peter the first Pope?

Is there truth to the Catholic Church's claim to "Apostolic Succession"?

Was Satan a fallen angel?

What is Bible teaching about Satan?

Was the Bible written by man and inspired by the Holy Spirit?

What testament then should we live by?

Was the universe created in six literal days?

 Is there a conflict between science and Genesis chapter 1?

We follow the Old Testament, do we not?

Should Christians follow the Old Testament?

We speak in tongues at church, is that right?

Is "speaking in tongues" today a true gift of the Holy Spirit?

Were Moses, Elijah and Enoch lifted up into heaven in the same manner?

Did they actually go to Heaven?

Were there two separate rebellions of angels in the Bible?

Would that mean there were two "wars in heaven"?

What about Paul saying that he desired us all to speak in tongues?

Are all tongues speakers deceived?

What about the thief on the cross who was not baptized?

If baptism is a requirement, what about the thief on the cross? He wasn't baptized, was he?

What are evil spirits?

Are they ghosts or the Devil's minions... what?

What are the character traits of God?

How can we know the personality and character of God?

What are the different Christian denominations? Why are there so many churches?
What are the names of the 7 covenants of the Bible?

How many covenants are there and what are they?

What are the signs of the baptism in the Holy Spirit?

When does Holy Spirit baptism take place? How will we recognize the real thing?

What are the spiritual forces of evil?

Are they the Devil and Satan?

What are the tabernacles of David and Moses?

 What is the significance of the "dwelling places of Moses and David"?

What are your thoughts about the book of Mormon?

Is it a valid Divine revelation?

What can you tell me about Jesus' human nature?

Did Jesus have a sinful or sin-prone nature?

What can you tell me about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues?

Are these scripturally valid activities?

What can you tell me about the kingdom of God?

Is the Kingdom of God another term for heaven?

What constitutes sin?

What is it that God Considers to be sinful?

What day of the week is truly the Sabbath?

Is it Saturday or Sunday?

What did Jesus mean by "take up your cross and follow me"? Didn't Jesus do everything for us?
What did Jesus mean in John 8 verse 44 if there is no devil?

Was Jesus talking about a fallen-angel?

What did Jesus mean when he said, "I am the bread of life."?
How can we partake of this bread?
What did Jesus mean when he said, "In my Father's house are many mansions"?

Where are the "many mansions" of John 14? Surely it refers to heaven, doesn't it?

What did Jesus promise the apostles concerning the Holy Spirit?

Does the same promise apply to us?

What did Jesus say that he came down from heaven?

Is this an analogy or does it prove Jesus' pre-existence?

What did the holy spirit do through the prophets and apostles? What is the "gift of the Spirit" all about?
What do I need to do to be saved and understand the word of God?

Does salvation require any action at all on our part?

What do you think about speaking in tongues?
Is modern tongues-speaking a legitimate gift of the Holy Spirit?
What does born again mean?

What does born of water and the spirit mean?

What does it mean to be a Christian?
How can we become true followers of Christ?
What does it mean to be born again?
What must we do to be saved?
What does it take to have the gift of healing?
Is the gift of healing available to believers today?
What does John 17 verse 5 mean?

Doesn't this verse prove Jesus' pre-human existence?

What does substance mean in Hebrews 11:1?
Faith is substantial, real, solid, and not fanciful fluff.
What does the Bible mean when it says heaven and earth will fade away?

If heaven and earth fade away, how can God's eternal kingdom be on earth?

What does the bible say about baptism?

Is baptism necessary for salvation?

What does the Bible say about demon possession?

Can a person be possessed by a demon?

What does the Bible say about judgement after death?

Does judgement happen at the moment of death?

What does the bible say about pilgrimages?

Are pilgrimages a legitimate part of Christian worship?

What does the Bible say about the Rapture?

How do we prepare for it? Is it anything like the movie, "Left Behind"?

What does the Bible teach about counterfeit gifts?

Are any "gifts of the spirit" available today as they were in the first century?

What does the Bible teach about the Sabbath?
Is it Saturday or Sunday? Why?
What does the Holy Bible says about Muhammad ?
Does the Bible validate Muhammad and his message?
What does the name, "Jesus," actually mean?

Is it just a name or does it have an actual meaning?

What does the New Testament say about Jesus?

Is he "God the Son" or "Son of God"?

What exactly happens when we take communion?
Is there a divine transformation of the bread and wine taken at communion?
What happened to Jesus at death?

Where did Jesus' body, soul and spirit go when he died?

What happened to the dead before Jesus died?

Did they just die? Did they all go to hell?

What happens if one believes, repents, confesses his faith but is not baptized and dies suddenly?
Would such a person go to heaven?
What happens to your soul if you are not baptised?

What is exactly is the soul anyway?

What happens when one dies?

What happens to one's spirit?

What is "word of wisdom"?
Can I just get the "word of wisdom" or is it a gift of the Spirit?
What is a sin?
Are there different kinds of sin?
What is a soul?

Is the soul of a person immortal?

What is baptisim in the holy spirit?

Are we baptized in the Holy Spirit today?

What is baptism about?


Is baptism by full immersion necessary?

What is baptism?

For children or adults? Both? Sprinkling or immersion? Is it necessary for salvation?

What is Christianity?
How can we distinguish true Christianity from false Christianity?
What is Christianity?

How does it differ from Judaism?

What is deliverance ministry?

Are the gifts of the Spirit available today? Are we really afflicted by the "devil" and "demons"?

What is Faith confession?
Is this phrase even in the Bible?
What is faith?

What are the elements of true faith?

What is God's grace?
What is the Biblical definition of "Grace"?
What is grace?
Is grace a free ticket to God's kingdom?
What is heaven like?

How will we spend eternity?

What is heaven like?

Do any of us actually go to heaven?

What is Isaiah 28:9-13 saying about doctrine?
What is knowledge, doctrine, and precept?
What is meant by the term "dispensations"?

Are they different eras in Bible history?

What is our inheritance as referred to in 1 Peter 1:4?

Is our inheritance in heaven or on earth?

What is Purgatory?

Is Purgatory real?

What is salvation?
Salvation from what?
What is salvation?

Salvation from what and for what?

What is salvation?

Salvation from what, for what?

What is slain of the spirit and is it Biblical?

Are the Holy Spirit gifts given to individuals today?

What is the
Is this describing the Devil?
What is the "Second Death"?

Judgment to condemnation.

What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Are the gifts of the Spirit given today?
What is the Bible hope of a future life?

Is life after death in heaven, hell or is it to be on earth?

What is the Church's explanation of Darwin's theory of evolution?

Is there a conflict between the Bible's account of creation and Evolution?

What is the difference between Christianity and Christian science?
Is Christian Science a valid form of Christianity?
What is the difference between Christians and Christadelphians?

What things do they do differently? Do they celebrate Christmas?

What is the difference between Hell and Hades?
Are they really terms for the same thing? What about Gehenna?
What is the difference between hell and heaven?
Is hell the opposite of heaven?
What is the difference between Satan, devil and demons?

Is there a difference?

What is the difference between sin, iniquity, and transgression?
Is there a real difference?
What is the difference between the gift of the spirit the gift of ministries?
Is one gift more honourable than the other?
What is the difference: Hell, lake of Fire?


Aren't they the same thing?

What is the differences between soul and spirit?
Soul is the whole person and spirit is the force which energizes that person.
What is the Gospel?

Is there more to the Gospel than the cross?

What is the great controversy all about?
Was Ellen White correct in her description of the contention between Jesus and Satan?
What is the Holy Spirit?
Is the Holy Spirit a person or God's Power at work in the world?
What is the meaning of 'your reward in heaven' in Matthew 5:12?

What about 1 Peter 1:4 and the reward reserved in heaven?

What is the meaning of 1 John 5:20?

What does the phrase, "This is the true God" mean?"

What is the meaning of exorcists in Acts 19:13 ?

Is exorcism a legitimate practice?

What is the meaning of faith?

Does it matter what we believe so long as we believe?

What is the meaning of John 10:30?

If Jesus is not God, how do you explain John 20:28, Isaiah 9:6, and John 5:18? 

What is the meaning of Psalm 91?

Is it connected to Satan in Luke 4:9-11?

What is the meaning of Satan in New Testament?

Does it refer to an evil being working against God's purposes?

What is the millennium?
How is the word "millennium" related to the Kingdom of God?
What is the most important Holy Spirit gift?

Healing? Prophesying? Laying on of hands? Tongues?

What is the purpose of sin?

Why must we go through life fighting against sin?

What is the purpose of the Gospel?

What are the elements of the true Gospel?

What is the rapture?

Is the idea of the "rapture" Biblical?

What is the significance of Easter Sunday?

How is it important to Christianity?

What is the third heaven?
Are there really 3 heavens?
What is the true religion in today's world?

Is there such a thing as one true religion?

What is the value of doctrine?

How important is right doctrine to my relationship with God? What is "right doctrine" anyway?
What is your church?


Who are "the Christadelphians"?

What is your viewpoint on New Age religion?  
New Age religion - deification of Nature and emotion over reason.
What makes a man righteous?
Is there anything we can do to make ourselves righteous before God?
What name best describes the Holy Spirit?

Is the Holy Spirit even an entity in and of itself?

What name should you be baptized in?
In the name of the Father? In the name of Jesus?
What really happened to Enoch?

Did Enoch really go to heaven?

What reward will we receive in heaven?

Is the reward received in heaven or on earth?

What three things happened when God was dying on the cross?
Did God really die on the cross?
What was Mary's eventual fate?

Did Mary, the mother of Jesus, ascend to heaven when she died?

What was Moses concept about hell?
What does "hell" mean?
What was the name of the exact fruit which was eaten by Eve and Adam?
We aren't told and it doesn't matter - read why!
What was the peace to which Jesus referred in Luke 19:41,42?

Jesus' teaching of the peace and exaltation of Jerusalem in the Kingdom of God on earth.

What will heaven be like?
We won't know because we don't go there!
What word means the worship of many gods?
What is another word for idolatry?
When a person passes on do they go straight to heaven or hell?
Do they "sleep" in the grave until Jesus comes?
When can we say a religion is a cult?
Why are Christadelphians sometimes labeled as a cult?
When is a sinner justified?

The necessity for faith and works which proceed from faith.

When is the appropriate time to lead my child to Christ?
Should I bring my 7 year old son to an altar call?
When is the Rapture going to take place?

What is the "Rapture" anyway?

When Jesus died for our sins, does that allow more sins to occur?

Grace is good. Should we sin more so there will be more grace?

When you die, do you go first to hell and then to heaven?

What really happens when a person dies?

Where are Abraham and the saints at the moment?

Are they dead or alive somewhere waiting to come back to earth?

Where can I find information about the antichrist?
What is the Anti-Christ?
Where did God come from?
Was there anyone or anything before God?
Where did the 144,000 come from?
How will they be identified and have they all been identified yet?
Where do Christians go after death?

Do post-apostolic christians go directly to heaven after death or to hades to await the resurrection?

Where do people go when they die?

Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Somewhere else?

Where do we go after death?

Is there life immediately after death or must we await the resurrection?

Where does it say that you can know God by your own feelings?
Do we need an external authority like the Bible to understand who God is?
Where does the Bible explain "the rapture"?

Are believers truly taken to heaven at the return of Jesus to the earth?

Where does the Bible say that there will be milk and honey in heaven?

Are we going to heaven? Is that the land of "milk and honey"?

Where does the Devil live?

Does he live in a firey pit somewhere?

Where does the soul abide after death?

Is there consciousness after death until Jesus returns?

Where does trinity come from?

Is the doctrine of the trinity Biblical?

Where does your soul go when you die?

Do you live on after death?

Where in Revelation does it talk about the rapture?

What is the Rapture anyway?

Where in the Bible does it say, " ...the things done in the body"?

What is the basis of judgement?

Where is it written that the sprinkling of water on babies is a baptism?

What is the true form of baptism? Sprinkling? Immersion?

Where was Adam while Satan was tempting Eve?

Was the serpent controlled by an evil fallen angel?

Which day is the Sabbath?

Is it Saturday or Sunday?

Which is the correct day to worship, Saturday or Sunday?

Does it matter on which day we meet to remember Christ?

Which is the true church that Jesus founded?
Did Jesus actually "found" a church?
Which is the true Sabbath, Saturday or Sunday?

Does it matter if we keep one day set aside for God?

Who are God's people?
Jews? Christians? Both?
Who are the 'Cabalistic doctors'?
Is this just organized superstition?
Who are the children of Christ?
How can we be adopted into his family?
Who can perform a baptism?

Can anyone baptize a person?

Who changed the Sabbath from the Seventh to the First Day of the week?
Are Christians bound to keep the Sabbath? If so, on which day of the week should it be kept?
Who first sinned Adam or Lucifer?

Was "Lucifer" in Eden? Who is the Bible "Lucifer"?

Who formed the earth and everything in it?

Was there more than one creator?

Who is considerd a prophet in today's society?

Are there inspired prophets today?

Who is God according to the Bible?

What are the names of God?

Who is God?

Is He the same as Jesus?

Who is Jesus talking to when he was tempted?

Was it to Satan, a real person?

Who is Jesus?

Who is the "real" Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

What is his role and importance in the Bible?

Who is Jesus?

Is Jesus God the Son or Son of God?

Who is Satan and what does he look like?

Is Satan really a red, hoofed, and horned fallen-angel devil?

Who is Satan?

Is Satan really a fallen angel?

Who is the Devil?

Is the Devil a fallen angel? If not, who or what is it?

Who is the real serpent who deceived Eve?
Is it the Devil?
Who made evil?
Who is responsible - the devil, God, us?
Who or what were the "spirits in prison" to whom Jesus preached after his resurrection?

Are these the sons of God from Genesis 6:1? 

Who tempted Jesus after his baptism?

Why did Jesus allow himself to be tempted?

Who was Abraham?
How important is he in the Bible?
Who was the creator in the Godhead?
If they are all one, is the question even relevant?
Who will be raised?

Do we have any idea who is responsible to judgement?

Whomever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, hath eternal life. What does this mean?
Is this refering to the breaking of the bread and drinking of the wine in communion? 
Whose Prayers Does God Hear?

Does God hear the prayers of a person that is not in a covenant relationship with Him or children? 

Why and how should we be baptized?

Is baptism necessary? If so, by sprinkling or immersion?

Why did God banish Satan to earth?

Who or what is "Satan" anyway?

Why did God call his son God?

Does this mean that Jesus is really God too?

Why did God create evil things?

Is God responsible for evil as well as good things in the world?

Why did God create Lucifer knowing that he would rebel?

Why did God plant the tree of knowledge of good and evil knowing that man would fall into sin?

Why did God separate Moses from among his people for 40 days and 40 nights?

Did the people think Moses and God had deserted them?

Why did Jesus claim he was king of the Jews?
He WAS and IS king of the Jews and of us all.
Why did satan tempt Jesus?
Who was this satan?
Why did Satan want the body of Moses?
Who is Satan in this passage? What is the "body of Moses"?
Why didn't God just destroy the Devil in the beginning?

Why let him loose among us all this time?

Why do Catholics and the Protestants differ about the teaching of the Bible?

Is Catholic teaching Bible teaching? Are protestants right?

Why do catholics teach that Mary and Joseph never consummated their marriage?

Did Mary bear children after Jesus was born?

Why do I have to study the Bible?
Doesn't the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth? It does for me. I don't need the Bible.
Why do some get chosen to be His elect and not others?
Is God unfair in whom He chooses for eternal life in His kingdom?
Why do the JW's think that Michael the archangel is Jesus?

Is there something in the Bible that would lead them to think this?

Why do we go to church on Sunday?

Why not some othe day?

Why do you think that the eunuch did not receive the baptism of the spirit after he was baptized?
Is the spirit always given at baptism?
Why does God not directly communicate with us today?
Why did God once speak to people in dreams?
Why does Jesus have a different name in the Old Testament?

How is Jesus portrayed in the Old Testament?

Why does Jesus never deny the existence of Satan?
Didn't the Pharisees claim that he cast out demons by Beelzebub the ruler of demons?
Why doesn't God destroy Satan and his demons?

Why can't we see God, who loves us and Satan who hates us?

Why is Jesus called Mighty God?

Is Jesus, in fact, God?

Why is Jesus worshiped as God?

If he isn't God, why is he worshipped? See Acts 1:24, 25; 2 Corinthians 12:8; 2 Timothy 4:18; 2 Peter 3:18; Revelation 5:11-14; 22:3

Why is Mary called a virgin even after she had children?

Does the Bible call Mary a virgin after she had her family?

Why was everyone not healed when Jesus walked the earth?
Was healing Jesus' primary mission?
Why will there be a new heaven and a new earth?

If everyone is either going to heaven or burn forever in hell, what's the point?

Why would Christ tell us to eat his body?

Did he mean it literally?

Will a child of a believer be resurrected?

Will the dead children of believers receive special treatment at the resurrection?

Will all of the questions that Christians have on Earth be answered?

When we get to heaven will we then have all the answers?

Will I go to hell if I don't go to church and get saved?
Is salvation contingent on church attendance - any church?
Will people marry in heaven?

Never mind marry; does anyone ever go to heaven anyway?

Will people that are dead learn of God?

Will the dead be given an opportunity to be saved?

Will the rapture happen before everything goes awry?

Is there a 3.5 year period of trial first?

Will the saints reign with Christ on the earth or in the heaven after the rapture?
Is the rapture idea true?
Will there be marriages in heaven?

Will sexuality be part of immortal life?