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The Bible

Questions about the book itself: its history, writing, translation, and transmission

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Can you explain Job 11 verse 12?

Why is man compared to a wild ass?

Can you name the books of the Bible by category?

How should the books of the Bible be grouped?

Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?

Is the Bible divinely inspired?

Do you follow the King James Bible?

Is the King James Version the best version to use?

Does science contradict the Bible?

Is there any proof of valid contradictions?

From which website can we download a Bible?

Bible download websites.

How good is the King James Version?

Is the KJV a good translation?

How many authors wrote the Bible?

Human authors moved by God.

How old is the Bible?

When was it put down in writing?

Is the 1599 Geneva Bible a new version in the English Language?

Where does this version fall in the lineage of English translations?

Is the bible the only source of truth about God?

How can we find out about God?

Is the Catholic Bible different from the Protestant Bible?

What are the "extras" in the Catholic Bible?

Is the Old Testament all history?

If not, what else is there?

What are the books of Moses?

What is contained in the title "The Pentateuch"?

What are the different parts into which the Bible is divided?

How can we categorize the books of the Bible?

What can you tell me about the history of the Bible?

How can we know it was Divinely inspired?

What is the difference between the Geneva and Roman Catholic Bibles?
Is there a difference?
What is the difference between the OLD and NEW Testaments?

Is the Bible called "the word of God and word of Jesus" or just the "word of God"?

What is the longest chapter in the Bible?
In what book do we find the longest chapter?
What is the longest word in the Old Testament?
Where is this word found?
What is the message of the Pentateuch?
What is the Pentateuch and what can we learn from it?
What is the name of the first 5 books in the Bible?

The Pentateuch or the Torah.

What is the original language of the Bible?
Was it Hebrew or Greek?
What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
Psalm 117 - only 2 verses!
What is the Vulgate?

The Vulgate - Latin translation of the Bible.

What six types of books comprise the New Testament?

How many types of books are there really in the New Testament?

When was the Bible written?

Is it truly an ancient book?

When was the first English translation of the bible printed?Is the Torah , considered as a Holy Bibl "When was the first English translation of the bible printed?Is the Torah , considered as a Holy Bible for Christians?"
Where can we get the Bible in English?
Is it available online?
Where do the covenants of the church come from?

What exactly are these covenants?

Which books are considered to be canonical?

Are the books in the Protestant Bible the only truly inspired writings?

Which version of Bible do you use for study?

Is one version to be preferred?

Who are all the major prophets?
The major prophets are: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel , 
Who decided which books would be included in the Bible?

How was the canon of scripture decided?

Who wrote the Bible?

Was it the work of human or Divine inspiration?

Who wrote the books of Judges and Ruth?

Was it Moses? Joshua? Someone else?

Why are there so many versions of the Bible?
Which is the best one to use?
Why are there such differences between the NIV and the KJV Bibles?
There are important things omitted from the NIV, aren't there?
Why do we need the Bible?

"Why do we need the bible"

Why does 1 Corinthians 13 talk about charity instead of love in the KJV?

Did the KJV choose the wrong word to translate agape?

Why does the Bible have chapters and verses?
Were the originals organized that way?
Why is the Bible divided into two testaments?

Why not just one big book?

Why is the Bible divided?

Why are there two testaments?

Why is the Bible not a straightforward book?

How can we understand the Bible better?

Why is the KJV the most read book in the world?
Is this statement actually true?
Why should I believe in the Bible?

Is there any physical proof for the authority of the Bible?

Why was the Bible divided into two parts?

What is the difference between the Old and New Testaments?