Important Bible Teaching

These short videos briefly outline some of the key teaching to be found in the Bible

BAPTISM  (2:45)

Baptism is sometimes referred to as a believer's first act of faith. Through immersion in water, a believer openly associates himself with Christ's death and resurrection. In Romans 6, baptism is likened to being buried and raised to life again.

After Jesus died on the Cross, he remained in a grave for three days. On that third day, God raised Jesus from death back to life again. The Apostle Paul wrote, "Christ has indeed been raised from the dead". Yes, Jesus Christ is alive today. He was raised from the dead and later ascended to heaven. The Bible teaches that Jesus will return from heaven to establish God's Kingdom here on earth. When that happens, he will gather the living and the dead for judgment. The fact that Jesus was raised to life again, can give us confidence to know that if we die prior to Christ's return, God is able to raise us too.