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Questions about current events, the future of mankind and God's plan for this earth.

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Define the term Prophecy?

What does a prophet do and what is prophecy?

Does Babylon exist today?

Is there a literal place called Babylon?  Is there a modern Babylon in an allegorical sense?

Does Covid 19 signify that we are living in end times?

Is the Lord Jesus Christ returning to earth soon?

Historical evidence that the Bible is true.

Resurrection and prophecy - the twin pillars of Bible authority.

How are prophecies sealed?

Does it mean they are  impossible to understand when "sealed"?

How are today's events related to Bible prophecy?

Is Bible prophecy relevant today or only to the time in which it was first given?

How did Jesus characterize the end times?

Did Jesus have a special term to describe the last days?

How do we know that Bible prophecy is not just post-diction?

Were the prophecies added after the event and tailored to describe events already past?

How is the mark of the beast is going to be manifest in the latter days?

Can we identify the "beast" in the book of Revelation?

How long before Jesus returns?

No one knows the day or hour but the signs are clear - he is coming soon!

How should Bible prophecy be interpreted.

Fulfilled prophecy gives confidence in the fulfillment of the rest.

Is Ezekiel 37:22 speaking of the future?

Is the one king christ?

Is Jesus second coming really at hand?

What are the signs of Jesus' return that we can see today?"

Is the "end time" near?
How can we know when Jesus is coming?
Is the abomination of desolation the sign of Jesus second coming? Has the sign been fufilled?

What is the prophet Daniel's "abomination of desolation"?

Is the Kingdom of God near at hand?

Can God allow the evil in the world to continue much longer?

Is the war with Gog ang Magog different from Armageddon?
When do they occur in relation to the Millennial reign of Christ?
Is the world ending?

Are the signs present of the end of this age?

Is there a specific time that Jesus declared he would be back on earth?

How can we find out?

Is there such a thing as a prophetess?

Why are there no more prophets and prophetesses?

Is this the end time?

How can we know when Jesus will return and the Kingdom of God established?

Is what happened to Japan foretold in the Bible?
The recent Earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, do they have Biblical significance?
Please explain the vision in Ezekiel chapter 1.

What do the four faces represent? What about the wheels and the eyes?

Surely Revelation teaches the kingdom is in heaven?

Isn't Mount Zion in Revelation in heaven?

The Fate of the West

Are western nations doomed before Christ comes?

The four beasts in Daniel

Explain the four beasts in the book of Daniel.

Timeline for the end of the world? When will the world as we know it end? Will there be a rapture? Must we first leave the church?
Western Heimsphere in Bible Prophecy?

Are there any prophecies about North and South America?

What are false prophets?

How can we differentiate a false prophet from a true one?

What are the 7 last plagues?

Have they happened yet or are they future?

What are the people saying when sudden destruction comes upon them as per 1 Thessalonians?

What is the context of their cry of "Peace and safety?"

What did Jesus preach about end of world?

Did he have anything to say about it?

What do Christadelphians teach about the 6th seal?

Does it really foretll of a period in Roman history?

What does the Bible mean by "the Day of the LORD?"

What is supposed to happen on that day?

What does the bible really support, a pre, mid, or post tribulation return of the Lord?

Can we know for sure when Jesus will return with respect to the "tribulation"?

What does the bible say about the last days?

Are we living in the last days now?

What in the world is going on?
How do current events in the world relate to the Bible?
What is Armageddon?

Is this last great battle that sees the earth destroyed?

What is expected to happen at end time?

How will we know when the "End Times" are near?

What is the great harlot of Revelation?


Can this harlot be identified today?

What is the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation?

Does it refer to some kind of technology or something else?

What is the meaning of Revelation 13:15-18?

What is the Mark of the Beast?

What is the meaning of the image portrayed in Daniel chapter 2?

What is the significance of the various segments of the image?

What is the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven?

Is it literal or figurative? On earth or in heaven?

What is the role of a prophet?

Do we need prophets today?

What is the sea of glass?
Where is the "sea of glass" referred to and what does it mean?
What is the special mission of Elijah to the Jews in the last days?
Elijah brings the Jews to Christ.
What is the the promised land in the Bible?

Where is it located today?

What is the white throne judgement?
What is the symbolic meaning of the "White Throne"?
What Old Testament Prophecies point to the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus?

Do such prophecies actually exist?

What will happen in the latter days?
What will happen when Christ returns?
What will happen when Christ returns?

Is the Bible clear about events subsequent to Jesus' return?

When do you think Jesus will return to earth?
What are the signs of his coming?
When Jesus returns how will be know it is him for sure?
What will the glorified Christ look like?
When will the promised world come?

Will the Kingdom of God come soon?

When will the world end?

Can anyone actually predict the end of the world?

Where are we in terms of Bible Prophecy in 2022?

Are we close to the coming of the Lord?

Where in the Bible does it talk about the fig tree and the coming of Jesus?
What does the fig tree symbolize in scripture?
Where in time are we in the Bible?
Are we in the "end times"?
Where to read about false prophets?

What Bible verses can teach us about the subject of false prophets?
Which day is Jesus coming back?

Will it be anytime soon?

Who are the people of the land?
To whom does the Promised Land belong?
Who is the modern day Harlot in Revalation?

She appears in Revelation chapter 17 verses 7-18? Is she the apostate church?
Who knows the judgment day?
Can we discover the day from the Bible?
Why did God destroy the world in Noah's day?

What about our world? Will he destroy it in the same way or is he leaving us to ourselves?

Why do Christians consider Isaac to be the first born son of Jacob?
Wasn't Esau the firstborn?
Why is Revelation written in parables or signs?
Why didn't John write straightforwardly?
Why is the world against Israel?

Why is Israel hated by so many in the world?

Will the sun and moon go out and stars fall from heaven?

Is Matthew 24:29 literal? Has this tribulation started already?

Will there be a need for sovereign nations when Jesus returns to rule over the whole world?
What will happen to current political divisions?
Will there be a one-world government in the end days?

Will people mistake it for the reign of Anti-Christ?

With the four horsemen what did the color of the horse mean?
Did it relate to the judgement carried out by each horseman?