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How many false gods are in the Old Testament?

Mostly from here: (with additions)

  1. Adrammelech, worshipped by the Sepharvites 2 kgs 17:31
  2. Amon, the chief god of Egypt See also Jer 46:25
  3. Anammelech, worshipped by the Sepharvites 2 kgs 17:31
  4. Asherah, a Canaanite goddess Ex 34:13-14 The consort of El, the chief Canaanite god. Wooden poles, perhaps carved in her image, were often set up in her honour and placed near other pagan objects of worship. See also Dt 7:5; Jdg 6:25-30 Gideon destroys an Asherah pole; 1Ki 14:15,23; 1Ki 15:13; 1Ki 16:33; 1Ki 18:19 Elijah summons 400 prophets of Asherah to Mount Carmel. King Josiah’s reforms: 2Ki 23:4-7,13-16 Isa 27:9; Jer 17:2; Mic 5:14
  5. Ashima, worshipped in Hamath 2kgs 17:30
  6. Ashtoreth, a goddess of war and fertility Jdg 2:12-13 The consort of Baal, was associated with the evening star and was worshipped as Ishtar in Babylon and as Athtart in Aram. To the Greeks she was Astarte or Aphrodite and to the Romans, Venus. See also Jdg 10:6; 1Sa 7:3-4; 1Sa 12:10; 1Sa 31:10; 1Ki 11:5,33
  7. Baal, a Canaanite and Phoenician god of fertility and rain Jdg 2:10-13 Baal, meaning “lord”, was pictured standing on a bull, a popular symbol of fertility and strength. Baal was associated with Asherah and Ashtoreth, goddesses of fertility.
    8. Baal-Zebub, a popular deity of the Philistines Mt 12:24 pp Mk 3:22 pp Lk 11:15 Beelzebub is the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Baal-Zebub”, meaning “lord of the flies”. See also 2Ki 1:1-6,16-17
  8. Bel, the chief deity of Babylon Isa 46:1 another name for the sun god, Marduk. Nebo, the god of learning and writing was the son of Marduk. See also Jer 50:2; Jer 51:44
  9. Berith, worshipped at Shechem Judges 9:46
  10. Chemosh, the chief god of Moab 1Ki 11:7 See also Nu 21:29; 1Ki 11:33; 2Ki 23:13; Jer 48:7,13,46
  11. Chiun, worshipped in Israel Amos 5:36
  12. Dagon, worshipped in Babylonia and Philistia Jdg 16:23 See also 1Sa 5:2-7; 1Ch 10:10
  13. Merodach / Marduk worshipped in Babylon Jer 50:2
  14. Molech, the chief deity of Ammon 1Ki 11:4-5 See also Lev 18:21 The practice of sacrificing children to Molech was common in Phoenicia and the region; Lev 20:2-5; 1Ki 11:7,33; 2Ki 23:10 Josiah destroyed the area where the altars for child sacrifice were located; 2Kgs 23:13; Isa 57:9; Jer 32:35; Jer 49:1,3; Zep 1:5; Ac 7:43
  15. Nebo, worshipped in Babylon Isa.46:1
  16. Nergal, worshipped in Cuth 2 kgs 17:30
  17. Nibhaz, worshipped by the Avites 2 kgs 17:31
  18. Nisroch, Worshipped the Assyrians 2 Kgs 19:37, Isa 37:38
  19. Queen of Heaven (aka Ishtar) worshipped in Assyria / Babylon Jer 7:18, Jer 44:17,18,19,25
  20. Rimmon, worshipped in Syria 2 Kgs 5:18
  21. Succoth-benoth, worshipped in Babylon 2 kgs 17:30
  22. Tammuz, a Babylonian fertility god Eze 8:14
  23. Tartak, worshipped by the Avites 2 kgs 17:31

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