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Who formed the earth and everything in it?

Was there more than one creator?

Thanks for your question.

There is only one God who created all things by His spirit.

Here is a list of scriptural passages which allude to God's omnipotent role in creation:

Exo_20:11, Exo_31:18; 1Ch_16:26; Neh_9:6; Job_26:13, Job_38:4; Psa_8:3, Psa_33:6, Psa_33:9; Psa_89:11-12, Psa_96:5, Psa_102:25, Psa_104:24, Psa_104:30, Psa_115:15, Psa_121:2, Psa_124:8, Psa_134:3; Psa_136:5, Psa_146:6, Psa_148:4-5; Pro_3:19, Pro_8:22-30; Ecc_12:1; Isa_37:16, Isa_40:26; Isa_40:28, Isa_42:5, Isa_44:24, Isa_45:18, Isa_51:13, Isa_51:16, Isa_65:17; Jer_10:12, Jer_32:17; Jer_51:15; Zec_12:1; Mat_11:25; Act_4:24, Act_14:15, Act_17:24; Rom_1:19-20; Rom_11:36; 1Co_8:6; Eph_3:9; Col_1:16-17; Heb_1:2, Heb_3:4, Heb_11:3; 2Pe_3:5; Rev_3:14, Rev_4:11, Rev_10:6, Rev_14:7, Rev_21:6, Rev_22:13

I hope you will find these useful to you.

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