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What is a scoffer?

What are the characteristics of a scoffer?

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The word "scoffers" only occurs once in the King James Version. Here is a definition of the word "scoffers" from Vine's New Testament Greek Dictionary:


  1. empaizo (G1702), a compound of paizo, "to play like a child" (pais), "to sport, jest," prefixed by en, "in" or "at," is used only in the Synoptists, and, in every instance, of the "mockery" of Christ, except in Mat_2:16 (there in the sense of deluding, or deceiving, of Herod by the wise men) and in Luk_14:29, of ridicule cast upon the one who after laying a foundation of a tower is unable to finish it. The word is used (a) prophetically by the Lord, of His impending sufferings, Mat_20:19; Mar_10:34; Luk_18:32; (b) of the actual insults inflicted upon Him by the men who had taken Him from Gethsemane, Luk_22:63; by Herod and his soldiers, Luk_23:11; by the soldiers of the governor, Mat_27:29, Mat_27:31; Mar_15:20; Luk_23:36; by the chief priests, Mat_27:41; Mar_15:31.

B. Nouns.

  1. empaiktes (G1703), "a mocker" (akin to A, No. 1), is used in 2Pe_3:3, RV, "mockers". (KJV, "scoffers"); Jude 1:18, RV and KJV, "mockers."

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