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How many suicides are recorded in the Bible?




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Suicides in the Bible:

Temptation to commit suicide:

Jesus [so that God would be forced to rescue him and thereby proving to the people that he was the Messiah]: Matthew 4:5-6; Luke 4:9-11

Attempted Suicide

The Philippian jailer - thinking that his prisoners, including Paul had, escaped tried to commit suicide rather than face hisásuperiors. He was prevented from carrying outáhis suicide by Paul. The jailer and alláhis house became devout followers of Christ. This incidentáproves that even when life seems to be at its darkest and that disaster has overtaken us, God can still intervene to save us from ourselvesá-Acts 16:27

Actual Suicides

  1. Samson Judges 16:29-30
  2. Saul and
  3. his armor-bearer 1 Sam 31:4-5; 1 Chr 10:4-5
  4. Ahithophelá 2 Sam 17:23
  5. Zimri 1 Kin 16:18
  6. Judas Matt 27:5; Acts 1:18

The answer to your question is that there are 6 suicides mentioned in the Bible.

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