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Need to know the original name of Jesus.

What is Jesus' REAL name and why was it changed?

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The original name of Jesus in Aramaiccould have been Yeshua, Yahshuah, Yehoshua. Whatever the pronunciation, the meaning remains the same: Yahweh is salvation or perhaps Yehowah is salvation. The pronunciation of these ancient names is very difficult to ascertain. In English, we would say that the Greek term Jesus is equivalent to Joshua. The name Jesus which we use in English is theLatin form of theNew Testament Greekword Iesou.

It is compelling to me that the Bible takes absolutely no interest in the "correct" pronunciation of the name of the Lord. It is irrelevant. What matters is who he is and not how you pronounce his name. Be careful not to get entangled in a petty enthusiasm about something like this so that you lose sight of the "big picture."

Who is Jesus, Yeshua, Yahoshua, Joshua? That is the important question which will impact your salvation. It is clear from the New Testament that God could not care less about how one pronounces His son's name, or His for that matter. Why should we then think that it is important?

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