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Can a once-homosexual have a relationship with God?

Can a repentant homosexual be forgiven?

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I have repented and have stopped the act a few months ago. But I'm still wondering if God will forgive me since I knew what I was doing was wrong...?

Rest assured that God will forgive any sin/sinner who recognizes his sin, repents, and turns away from it. If you ever doubt that, look at the experience of the once evil king of Judah, Manasseh.

See 2Kings 21 and compare 2 Chronicles 33:11-18. You will find great comfort in reading these passages. In 2Kings 21, the unbelievable evil of Manasseh is catalogued. He even offered his own son as a human sacrifice to a pagan idol! What he did, makes your sins and mine pale into insignificance. But in 2 Chronicles we read of Manasseh's repentance in a Babylonian dungeon and of God's mercy towards him. He was forgiven. However, that forgiveness wascontingent upon his sincere repentance, a repentance amply demonstrated by his subsequent actions. Your repentance must be so demonstrated as well.

However, to be in a position for any sin to be forgiven, one must be in a relationship with God to begin with. That relationship is based upon an appreciation of and a commitment to His plan and purpose as expressed in theGospel. The outward sign of that commitment is baptism into the name of His son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Why Baptism Really Matters: www.thisisyourbible.com/index.php?page=library&task=show&mediaid=178

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