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How many names does Jesus have?

Jesus' 18 names and titles

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Jesus is given many names and titles in the New Testament:


  1. Son of God   The special relationship of Jesus to God  Mark 1:1
  2. Son of Man   The humanity of Jesus    Matthew 8:20
  3. Son of David   Jesus is descendant of King David and heir of the promises made to him in 2 Sam. 7  Matthew 1:1; 15:22
  4. Son of Abraham  Jesus is the descendant of Abraham and heir of the promises made to him   Matthew 1:1; Galatians 3:27-29
  5. Immanuel  "God with us" Jesus reveals his Father to us Matthew 1:23
  6. Word   Jesus reveals God's Word in himself  John 1:1
  7. Lamb of God  Jesus is the sacrifice for world’s sin   John 1:29
  8. Christ    The Greek for ‘Anointed One’ or Messiah Matthew 16:16
  9. Saviour    The one who saves us from sin  John 4:14
  10. Rabbi/Teacher   Jesus taught people about God   John 1:38, Mark 5:35
  11. Author of life   One through whom we have life   Acts 3:15
  12. Alpha and Omega   The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet meaning that Jesus is the beginning and the end of God's purpose Revelation 1:8
  13. Lion of Judah   A title of the Messiah when he comes as king to rule the earth.    Revelation 5:5
  14. King of Kings/Lord of Lords The ruler of all people in God's Kingdom Revelation 19:16
  15. Bright Morning Star  The one who rules over all    Revelation 22:16
  16. Word of God   Jesus is the embodiment of God's word Revelation 19:13
  17. Holy and Righteous  Jesus was perfectly holy and righteous  Acts 3:14
  18. Head of the Church  The only leader of his followers  Ephesians 5:23


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