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What is a minister?

Can anyone be a "minister"?

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A "minister" by definition in English is one who serves others. It carries the same meaning in Hebrew and Greek in the Bible. Here are some definitions from Easton's Revised Bible Dictionary: 

One who serves, as distinguished from the master.

1. Hebrew: meshereth, applied to an attendant on one of superior rank,

        a. to Joshua, the servant of Moses Exodus 33:11

        b. to the servant of Elisha 2 Kings 4:43

        c. to attendants at court 2 Chronicles 22:8

        d. to the priests and Levites Jeremiah 33:21 Ezekiel 44:11

2. Hebrew pelah Ezra 7:24 a "minister" of religion. Here used of that class of sanctuary servants called "Solomon’s servants" in Ezra 2:55-58 Nehemiah 7:57-60

3. Greek leitourgos, a subordinate public administrator, and in this sense applied to magistrates Romans 13:6 It is applied also to our Lord Hebrews 8:2 and to Paul in relation to Christ Romans 15:16

4. Greek hyperetes (literally, "under-rower"), a personal attendant on a superior, thus of the person who waited on the officiating priest in the synagogue Luke 4:20. It is applied also to John Mark, the attendant on Paul and Barnabas Acts 13:5

5. Greek diaconos, usually a subordinate officer or assistant employed in relation to the ministry of the gospel, as to:

      a. Paul and Apollos #1Co 3:5 
      b. Tychicus Ephesians 6:21
      c. Epaphras Colossians 1:7
      d. Timothy 1Thessalonians 3:2
      e. Christ  Romans 15:8

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